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Matilda Comes to Australia

A few months ago I travelled to London with the main goal to see the new musical, Matilda. having kept in the loop with this musical from the beginnings, it is safe to say i had very big expectations. 441 more words


Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day everyone. I think we are all supposed to turn our lights out or something. As an advocate of long-term solutions I recommend regularly turning your lights off when you are not using them, as well as engaging in other resource-preserving activities, such as switching off your appliances at the plug, walking or cycling wherever practical and forsaking traditional materials for those with longer lifespans, such as canvas bags. 7 more words

Indifferent Ignorance

Interlude 2: Musical moment

Today was another reasonably uneventful one. Got a sexy new green cover for Mopho Cake III, went into Helsinki with the family and generally hung out. 102 more words

Matilda the Musical

Originally written for the Guardian as part of their Musicals we love series.

In a recent episode of Outnumbered, a headmistress in the mould of  619 more words


More on Cameron's Christian Country: Every True Religion and None is Democratic and Tolerant!

David Cameron claim – not unusual for a British politician – that Britain is a Christian country has generated more responses. What is striking about the whole discussion is that on almost every point everyone actually agrees with the same liberal democratic and nationalist values. 842 more words

Bible And English Politics

The Swarm

I am sitting in Schipol airport, about to board a ridiculously long flight to Australia. My sister is getting married in about a week, and I am ditching school and the northern hemisphere in order to go get drunk with relatives. 1,206 more words


Pills and potions

It’s a miracle! Take physics and bin it!
Water has memory!
And while its memory of a long-lost drop of onion juice is infinite
It somehow forgets all the poo it’s had in it (‘Storm’, Tim Minchin) 666 more words