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Sandstorm in the Mind

There’s a telling contrast between what catches our interest and what we blend out.

The World Health Organisation says 1,240,000 people died on the roads in 2010.   420 more words

Self Awareness

Two mindfulness narratives for Tim Parks

A fascinating and honest account of taking up mindfulness or meditation exercises by novelist Tim Parks.


He says: Being simultaneously immobile, wakeful and wordless is an experience that runs contrary to all our habits, and for which there is no model in our culture, nothing we can visualise, no narrative we can follow.. 232 more words

Dear Tim Parks,

I read your contribution to the New York Review, “Reading Upward,” and I must say you’ve made a terrible first impression on me. You see, I’d not heard of you or read any of your work before, though you write with such conviction of your own importance.  739 more words