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Dear Tim Parks,

I read your contribution to the New York Review, “Reading Upward,” and I must say you’ve made a terrible first impression on me. You see, I’d not heard of you or read any of your work before, though you write with such conviction of your own importance.  739 more words

Notes from the post-print transition, 3: can members of a cooperative be ‘more equal’ than others without turning it into Animal Farm?

Generals only ever exist as temps in Switzerland, in the army in which all Swiss men must do a stint of compulsory training and service. As… 552 more words

Re-arranging Publishing For The 5th Estate

A Thought (Or Two)

First off, guys, I’m so bad at this why didn’t any of you tell me? I was just going through some of my past posts and, while I’ve had this blog for almost a year now, I have literally probably like seven and a half posts. 545 more words

The Case for Really Reading

We recently blogged about an article by Tim Parks wherein he suggests that we don’t need stories. Parks admits that the idea that stories help us “to shape a trajectory for ourselves in the increasingly fragmented and ill-defined social world we move in” seems viable, but he dissents, claiming that there is no way around the truth that “stories compete for our assent and seek to seduce us toward the author’s point of view.” In other words, Parks thinks that stories can’t serve as a transcendent guide to how we should live because stories are really just biases in competition. 244 more words

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