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Abandoning a Good (Great) Book?

I dislike novels of the Dickensian type that insist on neat resolutions, tucking away every story line. Endings are troublesome; they suggest the possibility of a conclusiveness that simply does not exist. 398 more words

Literary Criticism

Where I'm Reading From by Tim Parks

For a whimsical purchase one Sunday afternoon, I’m pleased with the rich provocations in Tim Parks’s Where I’m Reading From, a collection of powerful essays written for the… 198 more words

Literary Criticism

How to read well: getting a way into the text – getting something to think about; 30-Dec-2014

If I have a purpose behind reading, I won’t just skim text or be lost in something else. However, that is not the only factor that helps me read well (when I do or when a really good-write-up makes me read well). 114 more words

Active Reading

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A calendar.  Each year I receive a calendar from a friend in New York City.  It is a collection of his photographs, sometimes with poetry appropriate to the month.  650 more words


I will admit […] that writing does do something to one’s memory — that at times it can have the effect of an album of childhood photographs, in which each image replaces the memory it aimed to preserve.

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Break the rules, break the spines

Day 10 of the Advent Blogging adventure is about defacing books.

Image courtesy of readitforward.com

This post was inspired by a retweet I saw from the New York Review of Books which said: “Margins are for scribbling, pages for folding, spines for breaking. 345 more words

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