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"Tim Wise Tells CNN's Don Lemon The 5 Things White People Should Do To Improve Race Relations" | August 10, 2013

1. Stop telling black people to get over slavery.
2. Believe black people when they say they’re being profiled.
3. Stop saying you have a black friend as a get out of racism free card. 19 more words

A Child of White Privilege

Only by coming to realize how thoroughly racialized our white lives are can we begin to see the problem as ours, and begin to take action to help solve it. 986 more words

Tim Wise Serves as Judge for Architecture Award

Tim Wise has a lot of his plate these days, but he’s always up for a challenge. That’s why he offered up his service as a judge for the 2014 Brick in Architecture Awards Competition. 87 more words

Willis R. Conner

Vagina Gentium

The Ancient Romans referred to the northern and central Europe (Teutonic regions) as vagina gentium – the womb of (White) nations.

And yes, the Out of Africa fraud… 615 more words

Mass Immigration

Don't Call Me N Word, Whitey...

Don’t call me whitey, n word...

Thus began the lyrics of the immensely popular, music-climate-altering 1969 hit song by Sly & the Family Stone… 1,648 more words