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If You're White, You're Wrong

I’m hardly dropping a bombshell revelation when I state that leftists and non-white tribal activists do not particularly care for white people. Of course, such hostility has never prevented legions of white useful idiots from embracing liberal ideas and policies designed to assist their colored brethren. 1,488 more words


Coolikan Podcast #7 - Jesus and Justice

In 1963, Preacher and Civil Rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Junior penned the “Letter from a Birmingham Jail,” in which he admonished fellow clergy for their silence and reactions to nonviolent civil rights protest. 171 more words


Wellbrooke of Westfield Wins National Recognition

Joel Farmer (Architecture) and Dan Weinheimer (Architecture) were called to the stage in San Diego, California, to receive an award at the 2014 Healthcare Design Conference. 77 more words

Willis R. Conner

The Dirty P Word

It was one of the last days of my senior year of college. It was a beautiful day. I organized a group of my girlfriends to go down to the closest lake, rent a boat, and spend the day soaking up the warm Georgia sun while reminiscing on our college days. 815 more words

Conversations Postponed

This morning, I walked into my office at work, saw a trusted colleague and friend, and started sobbing.  It was one of those moments where I didn’t really know it was going to happen.  884 more words

Parenting Children Of Color

Open Letter: White Guilt

White guilt is treated by some as a problem created by blacks and not a natural response to the racism expressed throughout the world by whites throughout recent history. 2,116 more words

Late Great U.S.A

The Ugliness Of Conservative America's Demagogues

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A Visit on the Dark Side

We must start our early week review of conservative America with the ultimate racist: Rudy Giuliani. 702 more words

Ted Cruz