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Time for change

This piece was inspired by a classmate’s response to the question posed by ourselves journalism lecturer: “do you think South Africa is really ready for a female president?” the girl responded “no!”, she went on further to say “women are too emotional and we need less emotional people running this country…” … 412 more words

Signs of Change

This is what’s been hanging on our boathouse for the past few months.

But even I’m looking forward to the spring.  As much as I love snow and ice storms, cold weather birds feasting at my bird feeder and flannel sheets on my bed, it’s time for some warm weather around here. 40 more words

Healthy Kids

As I mentioned in my about me page I am not much a cook . I like it but am not great at it I can’t follow a recipe to save me but I am really good at winging it . 432 more words

Done Deal

It’s ok to love you, can’t help but see the truth, especially when you’ve done all you can do.

While other run away with no clue. 33 more words


His flat-form: TIME FOR A CHANGE…does it not ring a bell? He did mention, in the interview as reported in the video below about President Barrak Hussein Obama winning the election with the same rhetoric “TIME FOR A CHANGE…” We can see the change in the USA. 125 more words



To revisit this feels a bit pathetic as my last day was almost three weeks ago.  That being said, after being in a place for nearly 12 years I do need to give myself some time to heal.   699 more words