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Locals cheer attacks on Gaza strip

This is not the kind of post I would normally do, but then I have come to realise that there is not a lot about me that is normal so perhaps this post is exactly like me.  402 more words

Time For Change

Patterns And Routines....

LIfe is full of patterns….  Patterns and routines…  

Some of them are great.

Others you’d like to run from as fast as you can.

I’m noticing a lot of patterns and routines in my life the last little while that really, I’m not very content with.   123 more words


So, time for a diet...

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the doctor to have a proper check-up and give a medical history – it’s easier to do this (especially in a foreign language) if you’re not also dying of plague, I find. 902 more words


47th Post so far - time for change?

This is my 47th post.  After #50, I’ll decide if I want to keep doing this or maybe even pay for it.

My opinion today, how can I stop?  242 more words

Random Musings

Generation Y-not: Preface - Y-not Challenge Ourselves


Y-not Challenge Ourselves


There is a problem with a system that doesn’t educate each person equally about the power within. As it turns out,even those from privilege have lost the basic building blocks that would allow them to replicate their HONEST forefathers’ deeds. 2,426 more words

Just Teddy

It Comes From Within

Can you, for just a second, imagine that you are driving down a lonely stretch of highway late at night? The moon is shining bright, you have the window down for some fresh air, and your favorite song is playing on the stereo. 3,119 more words

Self Growth And Awareness

Communicating climate science

I notice that the University College London (UCL) Policy Commission on Communicating Climate Science’s report called Time For Change, hasn’t gone down very well with many people. 954 more words

Climate Change