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Drowning not waving: Fight the stigma by providing the support

Another week, another batch of stories about mental health. Another week, another soul I consider a friend in trouble because of their mental health. Another week, another plea on social media for understanding as the damaged try to out run their demons. 551 more words


A letter to my fellow muslims: awaken from our heedlessness

Assalamu alaikum my fellow Muslims,

I highly doubt that many people will read this, but hopefully at least one person is advised through reading this. 617 more words

Stop Suffering For Your Art

As a writer who happens to suffer with bipolar I get to experience a wide range of misconceptions and myths towards the relationship of my mental illness and my creativity. 1,170 more words

Time For Change

Slut Shaming

What is Slut Shaming? There are a number of definitions as to what slut shaming means basically, Slut shaming is the deliberate act of calling a Woman a Slut, a Whore or impugning her character in sexual terms in order to embarrass, humiliate, intimidate, degrade or shame her for actions or behaviors that are a normal part of female sexuality.

874 more words

10 Things I wished I learned In College Before Setting Off On My Own

By the time I graduated college, my head crammed full of information I may or may not use in the real world, moving out of my parent’s house seemed like the right thing to do. 3,533 more words

Journal Entries

Publishing Design Portfolio Project 1.

These are my two alternative book cover designs for my first publishing design portfolio project.

We had to choose a design movement and design a cover based on the works of this movement. 62 more words