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Part 7 Understanding the Grand Cardinal Cross -Change and transformation.

2013 (being the year of the snake) took us into dark holes.

Coming out, we sense how close we are to knowing why we have shed our skins and lay dormant. 111 more words

How To Be Successful In 2014

It's Not About The Hair

Some things sneak up on us

We don’t see

What we are doing

Or how we are changing

Until we need a haircut

Some things, 13 more words

Life Chatter

It's time to talk about it: AU and EI

Alright, alright, alright. It’s time to talk about this. I tried to avoid it, but the more conversation we have around this issue, the better. For about the last week, students on American University’s campus have been buzzing with furry over beyond vulgar messages leaked by an anonymous source regarding an unrecognized organization called Epsilon Iota (EI). 792 more words

Adolescent/ College Aged Sexuality

What's Wrong With Me?

“Okay Lord, I’ve fasted, prayed, confessed and believed that things were going to change in my life. I’ve done this over and over and over again, so the… 527 more words

If you’ve been REALLY having an interesting week, you’re not alone. The Blood Moon Eclipse energy is still incredibly strong, and the current energy we’re in is all about standing in your strength and aligning with who you are and who are you are to become. 524 more words

Time for change

This piece was inspired by a classmate’s response to the question posed by our radio lecturer: “do you think South Africa is really ready for a female president?” the girl responded “no!”, she went on further to say “women are too emotional and we need less emotional people running this country…” … 412 more words

Signs of Change

This is what’s been hanging on our boathouse for the past few months.

But even I’m looking forward to the spring.  As much as I love snow and ice storms, cold weather birds feasting at my bird feeder and flannel sheets on my bed, it’s time for some warm weather around here. 40 more words