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an old school mindset and new school toys.

I had the honor of going to high school with John Paul Jones, who has graduated from Berry College and now does photography/videography part time. It is so encouraging to see a friend chase after his creative dreams and succeed! 434 more words


Getting Started with Timelapse Photography by Richard Harrington

DSLRs can produce amazing photos and video… but how about compelling video created from hundreds of still images? In this seminar you’ll learn how to create dynamic time-lapse video and use photographic techniques to achieve amazing dynamic range and super high resolution. 107 more words

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Boston Night and Day

Boston is one of North America’s most historic and exciting small cities to visit. Photographer Julian Tryba captured the real spirit of the place in his terrific time-lapse that incorporates day and night shots in every frame. 15 more words


Here, Have Some Paris With Your Morning Coffee

Hey, you. Yeah, you. Whatchu doing? Workin’, huh? That sucks. Wouldn’t life be so much better if you were in Paris right now? Of course it would! 45 more words

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What makes a killer timelapse, with Joe Capra

In this time-lapse of Rio de Janeiro, shown during session 1 of TEDGlobal 2014, waves lap the shore of Copacabana Beach with a beautiful rhythm, and clothes on a line flap in the breeze in a favela. 1,059 more words

TEDGlobal 2014

The secret behind the time-lapse function in the iOS 8 Camera app

People these days have short attention-spans, so although time-lapse videos can be very appealing, most of us would probably prefer to watch one for 30 seconds rather than ten minutes. 222 more words

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