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Joshua Tree nightfall

GoPro fun while waiting for the meteor shower in Joshua Tree this weekend.


An Unforgettable Night - Olympic Peninsula

Washington State isn’t known for regular, fantastic displays of lightning, but on a particular summer night in July of 2012, that changed. One doesn’t expect such storms to break over the Olympic Mountains, but this one did and it seemed to have gotten itself stuck! 1,085 more words

Electrical Storm

Guest video: Stormscapes 2

This week’s Sunday Morning Volcano came out early, so instead of fire and earth today, let’s look at some wind and water (of course, Earth is there, too, and so is Fire). 24 more words

Random Thoughts

Nicholaus Wegner's Stormscapes

Time lapse photography of storm clouds over the American Great Plains

Hat tip to kottke.org.

These are best enjoyed full screen with the sound turned up.  Awesome!


Two Lands

In September, I spent two weeks in Alaska hoping for a peek at the aurora borealis. After staying up late (I mean really late) every night, not a glimmer. 42 more words


The Evening Post: Toronto Skyline Porn

No, this is not a porn video if you were asking!  The Vimeo channel Ryan Emond takes us on a full frontal visual journey through Toronto’s growing skyline. 87 more words

The Evening Post

advent day 5--the end for which we wait (from 12/4)

We should be waiting, it’s advent after all…and for hundreds of years Israel waited for His advent. They waited for the Messiah, they waited for deliverance, they waited for redemption. 547 more words