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WATCH: Father creates mesmerizing time-lapse of daughter's first 14 years of life

Dutch filmmaker and artist, Frans Hofmeester, filmed his daughter every single week since the time of her birth. When she turned 14-years-old, Hofmeester created and recently revealed this time lapse video of her. 21 more words


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A beautiful record of ones child's youth.

Chasing Ice: A Movie Review

Chasing Ice follows nature photographer Jim Balog and his efforts in founding and executing the mission of the Extreme Ice Survey, a project to document melting glaciers in Greenland, Iceland, Alaska, and Montana through time-lapse photography. 246 more words


Who Says You Can't Come Home Again?

We had our Homecoming at New/Old clinic yesterday. Bill and I are both thrilled with the plan we have developed and also the stark difference in bedside manner and genuine caring we received from every individual we interacted with, especially our doctor. 1,301 more words

Creatures that live in slow motion

Corals, sponges and other marine life are mobile creatures.  They build coral reefs and are important to the earth’s biosphere.  But they live at a different time scale than human beings, so we can see their movement only with the help of time lapse photography. 14 more words


Big Northern Pie #13 - The Chefs Special No. 1

Hi there! Welcome to ‘The Chefs Special’ – our occasional culinary surprise blog to provide an interesting contrast to our now ‘Bi-Weekly Ketchup’ and to add some variety to our ‘BIG NORTHERN PIE’ menu! 535 more words

Manchester - Under The Hood

Montrose Bay Coastal Erosion Cam on STV?

We may be seeing our coastal erosion cam footage on STV news tonight as part of a piece about today’s Tayside Estuary Forum!
Keep your eyes peeled.

Montrose Bay

February 21 - March 29 on the Coastal Erosion Cam

High tides on 2nd and 3rd of March were quite costly for the dunes. Looks like the new fence that went up on the edge of the Golf Course on the 4th of February may soon be gone too….