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Last night I covered the opening game of the Purdue baseball series against the Michigan Wolverines. Once again I was able to see a great game that needed extras to finish it. 471 more words


One day in Zurich gone in seconds: time-lapse with Raspberry

Time-lapse videos are a great dramatic feature of many TV shows and movies; for example the entire opening titles of House of Cards is made using this technique. 519 more words

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My Goodman Theatre Time-Lapse Video

Check out this time-lapse video I made during my internship at Goodman Theatre. In two minutes, it shows the load-out of the By the Way, Meet Vera Stark… 37 more words


Time lapse video - Ritz Carlton wedding

So here is something fun and different, this time lapse is only 30 seconds long but it covers around 6 hours of setup. I love it. 38 more words

Lisa Simpson Wedding Planner

#AtoZChallenge: Jackalopes...yup

Because why not?

Jackalopes have always been one of the most fascinating creatures I've ever heard of. I mean a rabbit with antlers…if that's not the most bizarre thing I've ever seen, what exactly is? 284 more words


Time-Lapse Video Shows An Entire Saturday Night Live Taping in Two Minutes

Ever wondered how an episode of SNL comes together? This time-lapse video, posted on the show’s YouTube channel, shows the entire taping process, condensed into just two and a half minutes. 60 more words

Must-See Sacramento Time Lapse Video

Sacramento is a great place to live. We love it here. The people and the climate are bar-none. And the views… spectacular. A photographer took more than 20,000 photos over 18 months and put together a truly breathtaking video of Sacramento. 9 more words