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Lost in Time

I don’t lose time in the usual sense, or, if I do, I am not aware of it. I imagine it would be like going under anesthesia — the moment before going under, the moment after coming to, and absolutely nothing in between. 793 more words

Healing From Ritual Abuse

New Bible Study Class

A vivid journey through God’s Word.

We are beginning a new short Bible Study class at MLLC.  The Bible’s Big Story – Our Story, with materials from… 658 more words


Seeking Help

For the past few weeks, I struggled with a scripture and no matter how many times I read it, I just didn’t understand.

I will periodically write about the importance of belonging to a healthy church community. 178 more words

Another Handful of Tips 2 - Your action plan

Another Handful of Tips 2 – Your action plan

Five of the best tips to achieve a goal

An action plan is a step by step approach to achieve a goal or goals. 148 more words

Another Handful Of Tips

Steve Rother - Walking to the Time Line - Global Event

Steve Rother

First class Dec 16th

The group says that we will soon have an unprecedented opportunity to redesign our lives for success. They have been speaking a lot recently about “crossing timelines”, and how they have changed the course of the collective on planet earth. 88 more words


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

There’s a neat kind of natural example of a time line that a burning joint creates. You can look at the hottest coals, the point of combustion as the present. 90 more words