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A Chronological Approach to Bible Study: a Bible review

On the making of books there is no end and much study wearies the body  (Ecclesiaties 12:12).

When Qoheleth penned these words,  he could not have imagined how many times his own prose would be copied, translated, edited and bound. 577 more words


wake up call part six

Finally Alisha found an ally, Clive was determined to help her return to her own line.he. felt that the first priority was finding out what could have caused the accident and trying to turn it around, that would be a tall order. 778 more words

I has a Money

Most people, or at least people on the net, will be familiar with this meme.

It would have to count among my first encounters with LOL cats. 323 more words


jack of all trades part 8

“Captain, s log, the primary mission of star fleet is exploration. We are not a military organization. From time to time we are called on to provide defense. 1,013 more words