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Time management and blueberry bread

On Sunday I made blueberry bread. Making any kind of bread is a very Sunday thing to do because it requires lots of time. Most people’s Sundays look like vast vessels of time stretching ahead of them waiting to be filled. 611 more words


The reality of a DIY wedding

Now that the crafting is over, the vows have been exchanged and the thank you cards are written, I am finally ready to write this post. 774 more words


Who has time?

It can be so difficult to exercise in our busy lives. Whether you are a college student taking full time classes, like me, or you have a full time job, or both! 275 more words


10 Things I Learned in my 20s.

All has been quiet on the blog front the last couple of weeks – for a whole bunch of reasons. One of which being that I turned 30 and had some birthday celebrations! 1,389 more words


I have read a lot of blogs and done a lot of Pinterest searching to try and become organized this semester.  I have taken things from some places and not taken other things.  349 more words


Life Hacks for an Organized Year

Balance as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary is “A situation in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions” and that is my ultimate goal for the year. 637 more words