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Prioritizing a Blog.

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for years, but I never seemed to find the time. While in school, I worked all the time, and my free time was spent studying, or with my boyfriend (now fiancé.) But now, being that I have a more regular schedule (just one full-time job to worry about,) I have a bit more wiggle room with my time. 793 more words


Procrastination is going to kill me!

For the most part doing work wasn’t and still isn’t something I am terribly fond of. I always get my work done, but I don’t enjoy the anxiety I get when I wait until the last minute to do it. 171 more words

Time Management

The Years Teach You!

“The years teach you what the days, week, and months don’t know.” Not sure where I heard this statement but as the years go by I am beginning to truly understand it’s meaning. 111 more words

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Are You a "Disorganized Perfectionist" ??

A relatively common phenomenon these days is the “disorganized perfectionist”. This is the person who desperately wants everything to be “just so”, but in their efforts to achieve that, unwittingly ends up letting things fall to the wayside. 422 more words


Last lessons feedback

Last lesson, after coming close to finishing storyboarding, we decided to ask our teacher for feedback and he suggested a new way to set out our storyboard, suggesting that the montages of flashing images should appear when the doctor is making his journey to the twins house, he gave us specific moments at which the montage flashes would fit. 62 more words


Happy Start, Happy Day

Are your mornings a chaotic mess? Here are a few simple tips for a happy start!

  • Prepare the night before. Make lunches, lay out clothes, set up the coffee on a timer, pack your work bag, set the breakfast table.
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Be more productive: find, then eliminate, "time sinks"

If statistics about 80 percent of people reading a headline and only 20 percent (or less) reading the body are true, I’m already ahead of the game on this post — because I feel like the headline is pretty logical, no? 515 more words

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