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تجربتي مع البومودورو

كنت قد سمعت من فترة عن تقنية البومودورو عن تنظيم الوقت و لكن لم تتاح لي الفرصة للعمل بها و لكن من اسبوع كنت قرأت مرة أخرى عنها و بدأت بالفعل بالعمل بها و نظرا لما وجدته فيها من فوائد كبيرة في تحسين الإنتاجية في العمل أحببت أن أشارككم تجربتي معاها.


Tick, Tick, Tick

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There are many that lack the ability to manage their time. This has become a big problem not only in personal life but also in the working environment. 17 more words

Time Management

The Netflix Struggle

The other night I realized something: I have 191 items on my Amazon wish list. All but maybe one item are books. Literally. (My wish list is less of a shopping list and more of a way to keep track of the books I want to read.) 170 more words


Open Thread: How are we being nice to ourselves lately?

I recently got a sassy short haircut, threw out some clothes made of sadness and stains including some non-metaphorical ill-fitting pants, and had an eye exam (This is not the year of bifocals. 27 more words

Open Thread

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It has been a rather draining Wednesday, and when I checked this before going to bed it made me happy, so I thought I should share:

Time Management and Multi-Tasking

I recently read an article on time management and it got me thinking about whether I actually manage my time properly (if there even is a proper way of managing time; surely it’s different for different people?) I manage my time based around my lifestyle (uni, work, internship, family and friends) and I think I sub-consciously “allocate” my time depending on what’s most important at the time. 523 more words


Say Yes, by saying No

Yesterday’s post about being successful came on the heels of watching a leadership training video for the National Society of Leadership and Success. It made me realize that I had some changes to make, starting with myself. 405 more words


How to Write Faster at Work

Are there times when you need to write something for work but you’re pressed for time or you’re just not in the mood to write? Well, you’re not alone. 482 more words