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After much research, bellyaching and more research, I think I’ve found my to-do system to blast procrastination, or at least play a role in it. I will still be using my… 912 more words


The New Era of Time Management

Era 1 time-management thinking was all about efficiency.

Era 2 time-management thinking was about prioritizing.

The modern era is all about multiplying time.

In the world today, a new type of thinker has emerged. 23 more words


Stupidly Ambitious Reading Plans!

(I think I’ll just get some instant regret for Christmas this year)

I like reading. It can be difficult, mind-numbing, impossible to do whenever my blood sugar is outside of a range narrower than the ‘just right’ scale on any given shower, and I’ve done far too little of it in my life, but I enjoy it nonetheless. 510 more words


Out Of Town Gaming

Each December, my partner and I go back to our mutual hometown to spend the holiday with family. No matter the length of the trip, we always have an excellent time. 497 more words


Use Time to Reap Maximum Benefits

“When someone says, ‘come to eat and drink, the ears perk up. When someone says, ‘Come to work,’ the ears go flat.” — The Bhutanese Guide to Happiness… 446 more words


Can your productivity tools speak the same language?

Productivity tools are great for freelancers; they are like a helping hand or personal assistance for you. Starting from accounting, tasks management or time tracking, each tool has its own effect on your work cycle. 547 more words


Series Bible

Doing some mad job hunting, which is always good. It is a job trying to get a job.  better to be vigilant about it, than to sit and hope. 492 more words