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Organization Makes for Improved Efficiency and Performance

Organization Makes for Improved Efficiency and Performance

Well, I got up in the middle of the night, and I completed my (small) assignment with two minutes to spare, getting it in at 2:58am, which equates to 11:58pm MST, and is just under the wire for my assignments. 968 more words

Personal Growth

10 Regrets to Avoid Like the Plague!

Looking back on your life so far, do you have any regrets? Are there things you did and wish you hadn’t—or things you didn’t do and wish you had? 327 more words


Student Life

Managing your time as a student can be a herculean task as many of you surely know. I’ve been slightly overwhelmed the past week trying to catch up after being sick the previous week. 220 more words


$2 to Independence

I’ve been thinking keenly on how difficult it will be to teach two children simultaneously for some time now.  I know it can be done, tons of home school super-moms do it with like, seven children at a time.  256 more words


Oops I did it again.

I don’t know if it’s funny, ironic, both or actually neither, but my last post was about not having the internet for the first 4 weeks after moving into my new house, and since actually getting an internet connection, I haven’t posted anything. 421 more words

How to Eat Well and Exercise During the Holidays

For some of us, the holidays can be stressful. There can be holiday parties, family obligations, and eating temptations. How many of you just take a break from your fitness program? 1,008 more words

practicing for maximum efficiency

Not making enough progress in the practice room? Maybe the problem is that you’re practicing for too long–on one thing, that is. In this article on the Bulletproof Musician, Dr. 129 more words