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Get moving to increase work productivity

How often does this happen to you:  You’re sitting at your desk working on an important project. You’re focused and making good progress, but all of a sudden, you “hit a wall.” Your thoughts start to wander (“I could go for a cookie right about now”) and you’re overcome with the desire to check your e-mail.   93 more words


Struggling in Applying Habit Number Seven

So, here’s a video of an awkwardly made skit that I made for this blog post. I shall let it remind me about my problems and, at the same time, let it remind me about solving them. 1,464 more words

RLTs: Real Life Tales

Is there a healthy busy?

I ask this question, as it appears that when I speak to friends and colleagues and ask them how they are, so often they come back with, “I am just sooo busy”, and they are not happy about being busy.  201 more words

Time Management

The (re)write: You Make Time for What You Want

I had an ex-boyfriend who embodied the “I don’t have enough time for life” mentality.  Except, he had just enough time to hang out with his friends, go shopping, catch up on call of duty…you get where I’m going with this.   804 more words

Conversation Starters

If You're in a Rush - The Universe Knows

Lastminute.com.  This is a motto / method / ability I have perhaps inherited from my brother (or just developed myself). I often find myself under pressure as I’ve left something too late OR have left JUST enough time to complete said task.  509 more words


When Your Race Goals Change

I just want to finish!” People say it all the time with their first marathons. I said it too. But I was lying. 474 more words

Races - The Ultimate Motivator