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Teen Wolf recap - Season 4, Episode 8: Time of Death

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Stiles tosses and turns, unable to sleep. The first time that Malia decided she was sleeping over, Stiles couldn’t get used to not sleeping in the middle of the bed. 6,108 more words

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Review of Teen Wolf Episodes Weaponized & Time of Death

Wow these last two episodes of Teen Wolf have been great! I’m really liking the assassins this season. It’s really interesting to see how they try and kill our heroes and how Scott and the gang respond to them. 1,503 more words

Teen Wolf

Previously On: Teen Wolf (S4E8 "Time of Death")

Pre-show speculation(s):

  4. Interracial were-babies everywhere. EVERYWHERE. 

“Time of Death”

Big Plot Points:

  • Scott plays dead, has terrifying dreams about were-ethics
  • Malia confronts her father…
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Forensics- Time of Death

Have you ever watched Castle or Body of Proof? Remember when the medical examiner would determine the time of death with certainty but it turns out that the estimation isn’t as scientific or certain as it’s portrayed. 182 more words


Q and A: What Would My Victim of Scaphism Look Like After Two Weeks in a Pond?

Q: My question is what would a corpse be like, a victim of scaphism and encased in leather with only the head, hands and feet protruding, discovered after about two weeks in a stagnant pond in summer in England. 461 more words

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Can Odor Reveal the Time Of Death?

One of the most important determinations that the medical examiner must make in any death investigation is the Time Of Death (TOD). This alone might help solve a homicide. 276 more words

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