Is this my greatest fear?

When I think about my life and compare it to the lives of other people that I know I feel like something is very wrong with the way I am living my life. 198 more words

Does Time Exist in Dreams?

I always wondered if time exists in our dreams? Is there a fixed pace at which we experience dreams and how different is it from our waking life? 495 more words

Flow Of My Soul

The "Secret" to time management

The “secret” to time management can be boiled down to a single formula…

“If you want to manage your time, the sum total hours of your daily activities should be less than twenty-four.” 247 more words

Dissertation End of Feb Update

Experimentation is still underway with now two groups completed, I have already started to obtain some good results, but i still have a lot more to do before i can draw any valid conclusions from the results. 15 more words