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Amazon puts itself squarely in the living room with FireTV

Being fourth (behindĀ Apple, Google and Roku) in the race to stream content into living rooms does have its advantages, namely doing right what the others did wrong: easy to use tech (plug and play), easy to find content (fully search able, open source Android platform to accommodate most current services) and easy to watch streaming (dual band wifi for trouble-free 1080p definition and Dolby surround sound). 128 more words

The Curious Case Of Netflix

What’s up people?

Like most of you tech-savvy people out there, I subscribe to the digital streaming service, Netflix. Honestly, I would have been a holdout if not for a promotion with my airline loyalty program for frequent flier miles. 419 more words


Poll shows 'tipping point' for post-TV political campaigns

How long will it still be called “mass” media? A recent poll found that a tipping point has been reached for political ad campaigns.

For the first time, less than half of the surveyed voters say live TV is their preferred way to watch video content. 384 more words