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Review: Doomsday Book (Oxford Time Travel #1) ~ Connie Willis

In the year 2054, students research the past by living in it. So when Kivrin Engle, a history student at Oxford, enters Brasenose College’s time machine for transport back to 1320s England, no one anticipates any problems. 534 more words

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Outlander Recap - Season 1 Episode 4: The Gathering

Being a sentry must be awfully boring. You sit there all day waiting to be useful and hoping to God you won’t be. Suddenly a noise, leaves crackling underfoot as this random Englishwoman comes bursting out of the forest and thank goodness rifles in those days weren’t as fast to fire or easy to aim, because otherwise it seems like Claire and the gaggle of Scottish children chasing her would be goners. 1,739 more words

JESUS @ Co. (#2) The Safest Place Out Now

Just released! The second installment of the JESUS & Co. series, The Safest Place. It’s a short story using a mashup of Biblical characters to battle out of place evil. 94 more words

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Twelve again?

I recently wrote a blog about how my life is what it is today because of all my yesterdays. So when propositioned with the thought of going back and becoming twelve again, with the caveat of knowing what I know now, I have to say I have a mixed bag kind of feeling about it. 257 more words

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"Outlander" for Dummies

Outlander, originally the first in a series of hefty historical fiction/time-travel/romance novels, is now a series on Starz. Previously, it was one of the key texts of my adolescent sexual awakening. 298 more words

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Traversing Time

I love traveling, and I travel frequently, which requires me to rent a variety of vehicles. This past week I found myself in a Chevy Traverse LT, and, although it had a bit of a mom’s mini van look to it, it drove like a dream, allowing my mind to wander as though in one. 397 more words