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"Quarry" by Sterling Arthur Leva

I invented time travel for one purpose and one purpose only: to murder Jackson Pollock.

When that glorified finger-painter hit the scene, he opened the door for every talentless dribbler to proclaim, “I’m an artist, man!” The effects of his work would be long-term and nefarious, indeed: technical skill, diligence, and honing one’s craft would become largely irrelevant as malformed clusterfucks of color gained prominence. 487 more words


Edge of Tomorrow

Viewed – 21 October 2014 Blu-ray

There’s something about Tom Cruise’s latest foray into blockbuster territory that feels like it’s late to the party. Mech-suits – didn’t Avatar or Elysium do this already? 379 more words


Somehow….I didn't get much done really. Or did I?


Looking back over my last post I realise I’ve only partially stuck to my new routine over the past week.

The writing part of my routine has moved as slowly as ever. 533 more words


Free read?

So, if you happen across this blog and fancy a free read… contact me! I am looking for people will to read and review ‘The Lost Heirs’. 36 more words

Deja Vu

This is a very strange story.

You may think I’m exaggerating because it won’t seem plausible, and it is magical in a time travelling way…but it’s also true. 1,211 more words


Day 20: What are we in our original form?

It is wonderful to have coworkers who treat me like a soul sister.  R and G know that I had an argument with my dad.  I guess they thought I would be in a bad mood.   532 more words

Life Reconstruction Journal

Past, Present or Future.

Had this Idea, If your were given the chance to travel through time back and forth. What time, When or Where would want to be. What is the first thing that comes into your mind that you want to do if you have that power? 128 more words