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Is Time Travel Possible?

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Is Time Travel Possible

this is the price you pay for time traveling


(I told you so)

stop flitting about like a stupid moth
blind despite the etched eye open and
unblinking on its downy wing

(What did I say) 116 more words

The Sting

The Day the Heavens Burned

Afternoons were especially pleasant in this time of the year. The gradual fading sun rays carried with them a sense of sorrow, as if the light itself was mourning the dusk of man. 1,491 more words



Life speeds down

Slowing the days

A second seems to last an eternity

Life speeds up

Making the hours tick by

A day seems like not enough… 11 more words


The Tree! The Tree!

—-Launch Voice Command module 54—remote from Pad—synch 5400A2014-12-19—stream with spell check—

Uncle Buster,


Waking up this morning and hearing Sleigh Ride playing on the old turntable made me so happy. 237 more words


Time Travel

Sometimes, there’s this question that goes around on the Internet: if you could time travel to anywhere (anywhen?) in the past or future, where would you go? 676 more words

This And That