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75 MPH

75 MPH, going down the freeway. At this point, you seem to develop a sort of tunnel vision, a stupor you could say, that just empties your mind as you drift past cars and past everything. 405 more words


Review! Doctor Who, Ep. 8.2: 'Into the Dalek' [Spoiler-free]

I read a review of Star Trek: Into Darkness a year or so ago in which Todd McCarthy said of J.J, Abrams’ direction that “[o]ne feels the dedication of a young musician at a recital determined not to make any mistakes.”  After watching tonight’s satisfyingly solid episode of  559 more words


Time - ch. 14

You might not know this, but I feel like crap for slowing down so much.  Let me explain. 

My job is writing – I mean my day job.  3,163 more words


Travel Young

Travel Young When young, life is about just yourself. The world is meant to revolve around you. But this is the time to change that conception, hold that world still, and revolve around it instead.  18 more words


Power over Time

“. . and the walls kept tumbling down in the city that we love. Great clouds roll over the hills bringing darkness from above!!”

NO!! Not my alarm again!! 785 more words


Women in History I Would Love to Meet

  1. Queen Elizabeth I of England
  2. Queen Anne Boleyn of England
  3. Sylvia Plath
  4. Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine
  5. Flora MacDonald
  6. Anais Nin
  7. Joan of Arcadia
  8. Marilyn Monroe…
  9. 44 more words