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Throughout researching Occupy Wall Street and conversing with my peers regarding the subject, they all end up asking the same question: how and when did the movement start? 737 more words

Google Street View Now Has a 'Time Machine' Feature

You can now use Google Street Viewto explore locations all over the world, including some of the top zoos, national parks and even the ocean floor. 51 more words

Mpyr.ink <3 News

April 23

Went by the site today to see if the inspector was there. He wasn’t but Scotty did have our permits laminated. I also took notice of our old 1948 pipes. 56 more words

Rabbit hope cycle, using timeline within Cinema4D

By using the timeline within Cinema4D I was able to repeat the frames in the scene without having to keep going back and re animating each motion. 73 more words

Brief - World Of Seasons


Hi girlies :-) So this is a rough timeline to keep us on track of where we hope to be during each week and each lesson. 354 more words

Poor Theatre


Cái này tặng mẹ thân yêu nhân ngày lễ sắp tới cũng là một bài học về “kỷ luật và sáng tạo” (^.^)