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A timeline of US-Cuba relations since the Cuban revolution

January 1, 1959—Fidel Castro overthrows President Fulgencio Batista and establishes a revolutionary socialist state.

1959—Cuba begins nationalizing US-owned properties in Cuba. The US gradually implements trade restrictions. 364 more words

Another USAID covert plan exposed

According to an investigation by the Associated Press, the U.S. Agency for International Development, USAID, attempted to infiltrate the Cuban hip-hop movement as part of a covert project to destabilize the country. 2,210 more words

Subversion And Espionage

Final Cut Pro X- Audio Track Separation

In this tutorial we will use Final Cut Pro X tools to separate the audio track from the video track so that each can be edited on their own, or you can remove background audio altogether in order to place a different sound track over the top.

Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X - Simple Transitions

In this tutorial we will look at how to add a simple transition between two video clips in Final Cut Pro X. For those familiar with iMove already, it works in much the same way, simply drag and drop the required transition onto the gap/join between two clips. 37 more words

Final Cut Pro X

2014 TIMELINE of EVENTS in Ferguson, Missouri #ourCOG Roundup

Monday, Nov. 17: Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon declares a pre-emptive state of emergency.
Monday, Nov. 24: St. Louis County prosecutor Bob McCulloch schedules a prime-time press conference to announce the grand jury’s decision. 10 more words

Final Cut Pro X - Getting Started

In this simple tutorial we will open up Final Cut Pro X and begin to organise our project files and import media to the project timeline.

Final Cut Pro X

17 December 1914

                                                                                       42 WELL WALK,                                                                                                                                                                                                                 HAMPSTEAD

Dec. 17. 1914.

To the Adjutant General.


Not having yet seen my name in the Casualty lists, I have the honour to inform you that I was wounded near Ypres on October 29th, and sent back into hospital at Sussex Lodge, Regent’s Park.

162 more words
George Calderon