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Why Productivity Isn’t About Long Hours or Number of Tasks Completed

You want to get more done. You need to be more productive in your job. So, you put in extra hours. You double-down on your efforts to cross completed tasks off your list. 16 more words


5 Ways You Can Get the Most Out of Filters in Todoist

The ability to really focus on tasks in Todoist isn’t limited to Project or
Labels views. Initially, new users spend their time working in Projects and… 37 more words


The 7 Deadly Email Sins

Are you controlling email or is it controlling you? Find out how to take control of your inbox by avoiding the seven most common inbox mistakes. 10 more words


The Delusional Fantasies We Live With Each Day

We fail at creating new habits because of fantasies.

We procrastinate because of fantasies.

We get frustrated with other people, with ourselves, because of fantasies. 24 more words


Professionals share tips to stay on task

A quick check of Facebook and next thing you know, a half-hour’s passed. Start chatting with a co-worker and suddenly 20 minutes is gone and the report you were supposed to finish by lunch is late. 11 more words


Top Ten Tips for Time Management

Check out more at: http://ift.tt/XvBSm2 including a transcript. These are my ten top time management tips to make you twice as…

from Time Management Magazine… 7 more words


Try “Tabless Thursdays” for Better Single Tasking

Tabs are a great way to keep many browser windows open at once. The Atlantic recommends going tabless one day a week to stay focused. 10 more words