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ProTip: Ensure your IIS Timeout is on par with your Web.Config and SQL Timeouts

This may sound like a foolish thing to miss, and in reality, it was.  But, I found out the long and hard way just how careful you have to be with your configurations. 305 more words

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Good Friday has been a Good Friday?

I’ve had such a lovely day….well I had until I just typed my post out then pressed discard by mistake! Bloody hell. So here I am typing it out again. 304 more words

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Timeout: Note-to-Self - Don't Feed The Whiner Trolls.

I need to stop feeding the trolls, I know, but this situation is getting ridiculous, immature, and just nasty.

My god some Team B fans – what are you guys… preteens, tweens? 235 more words

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Timeout: The Single Thing KPop Star 3 Did Right was (Snagging) Yoo Hee Yeol.

Yoo Hee Yeol and Hong Jung Hee, on the same stage? Yoo Hee Yeol keeping his promise to play the piano for her? Recall the time when she was eliminated from this show, and he teared? 89 more words

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Timeout: Hey, What's Up? Part II: What I'm Watching & Scattered Thoughts on The Current KPop Landscape.

Here’s a (lengthy) update on what I’ve been into lately, and scattered thoughts I have about the current KPop/K-music scene. I’m no expert, and I actually like (as in… 3,814 more words

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Timeout: Hey, What's Up? Part I: Of Grad School & Blog/Writing.

Hi. Happy Friday. I think I’m suffering from fatigue thanks to the past two weeks, and maybe nobody actually even wondered aha, but here’s a… 2,094 more words

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Break Benefits...

How often have you heard or said the words ‘you gotta get under a new one so you can get over the old one’ 532 more words