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All about Times New Roman

This short video tells you most of what you need to know about one of the classic fonts, Times New Roman. Find out where it comes from… 18 more words

Bits & Bobs

Mixtape Review-Summer Breeze by William Bolton

Mixtape Review-Summer Breeze by William Bolton

by Dan-O

Whenever music is too referential it becomes a distraction. Usher is in love with Michael Jackson; Robin Thicke has a Marvin Gaye fixation that makes him sound like Tom Jones doing Marvin Gaye. 520 more words

Ease up on the fonts my friend

Fonts…. To some they seem like nothing, but for me they are a whole lot more.

I am in no way a designer and have very little creativity, however when I see fonts being used, in my mind, incorrectly, it sends me a bit giddy! 228 more words

not my type

So the new computer is great.

It’s not clogged up with a million pieces of grime, the desktop tower no longer wheezes like an asthmatic cat, and the letters on the new keyboard are nice and clicky, offering reassurance to all and sundry that work is in progress. 521 more words