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Sepia Toned Social Graces

Part One of Atonement, being set in the English countryside during the summer of 1935, is particularly concerned with the domestic circle of the Tallis family, a wealthy family that is disconnected from each other and, in part, from the outside world.   730 more words


Happiness in One's Own Skin

I have always had a hard time being happy with the way that my life currently is. My dream has always been to be a published author and have enough money to sustain myself and then I would be able to write all day and all night and be able to write as much as my little heart desires. 219 more words

All packed up!

With good friday around the corner…and a weekend…I m going to a little hill station nearby!
And I am going with my family! Yes! Family! 141 more words

Boring Blog Post

I used to write a night. I used to stay up till God knows when and that’s when my ideas were at their best. Now, I just can’t do it. 167 more words


Best Friend For Hire, Entry 126

“Master, must you really get up so promptly? I prepared numerous methods of waking you should you fall back asleep and don’t want them to go to waste.” complained Mila. 1,910 more words

Pizza and A Miracle at Irving Plaza

Ok…seriously, aside from being introduced to the independent band circuit, the LAST main-stream band concert I had ever attended was NSYNC at Nassau Colosseum.   So needless to say that when I heard Buckcherry was going to be having a concert at Irving Plaza to celebrate the release of their album called 13, I HAD to get my ticket to go.  783 more words


Really Old Ancient Coins

You will be amazed about how old these coins are here such as that from times of Julius Caesar and Alexander the Great!