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Being, Present Progressive

I do not wished to be courted.

I wish to be courting.

To have been courted
means to be a place where one has been… 42 more words


It is Summer

The dry sky.
Not a single, frozen dew drop.
Not another color beyond the blue,
besides the hot, white Sun.

I am told it is, in fact, yellow. 75 more words


Written for My Darling Self


I’m not lonely for you.
I’m just lonely.

Please excuse this constant state of being.
I just can’t sleep tonight,
and believe me… 266 more words


Gainesvillains - A Love/Hate Relationship

You truly have to dive in
if you want something different.

Gainesville doesn’t care if you stay here forever.

You’ll become a regular everywhere.
leashed to this 15-mile – if that – radius. 127 more words


As I Turn Twenty-Four

I’d love to see the year before me
To see all that I have coming.
Good or bad
consequences are necessary.

And I take pride in accepting them with grace. 127 more words


My Time

My time
is more important to me than you must think.
You said girls settle down with the right guy,
and guys settle down at the right time. 18 more words


The Point

You can split the pain
a thousand ways
by time and
fresh experience.

It still remains
though dull and tamed
so you do not forget the lessons.