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After going through the time zone concepts in Part 1.We will be implementing the concepts technically. So let’s give it a start.

We need to create a table in our database for several time zone and user related entries. 812 more words

ASP Dotnet


In this post we will be discussing about time zone, its effect on applications, way to efficiently implement the time zone and much more. So let’s start. 1,268 more words

ASP Dotnet

Lessons 1 & 2

I’ve read through the first lesson from the TimeZone watch school which was a nice introduction explaining briefly about watchmaking and going through the tools. It finishes off with the dexterity test you can see from the previous post. 232 more words


Where To Start?

After reading through many blogs and forums I decided that the best way for me to get some basic knowledge and practical skills would be to undertake the… 123 more words



Sorry I haven’t been able to upload as frequent as I normally do, our first exams have started and I’ve been hitting the books hard. In intro to computer science we started basic C coding and I feel amazing about it because I already know the topics. 70 more words


Angular JS, Timezone, Currency and Locale

In my custom web-based application, the user has the ability to set his/her own timezone, locale, currency and language (independent of the computer they are using). 67 more words


Getting Different Dates using Date function with a Unix Timestamp and a DateTime Object Created Using Same Timestamp

I had an odd problem that popped up today. Accessing the same timestamp from a database with different methods. One using the old-school date function with a unix timestamp (found in an array returned by an SQL statement as you will see) and one a DateTime object (retrieving said timestamp in a slightly more civilized way). 193 more words