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Homer as a SIP Capturing System - Part 2


In Part 1, i have talked about the definition of Homer. In this article i will talk about these:

  • Compilation and Installation of SipCapture module with OpenSIPS.
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Formatting Date in JavaScript

You can use built-in JavaScript object Date to do the date formatting in JS, you can also use Locales to format your date. I want to show date in mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm Z, I used simple trick, the format I am expecting is US format, and JS frovides API to convert Date to specific local, so I passed en-US as local parameter, and using options to get the desired output. 203 more words


Pinball tournament result

Here we have the pinball tournament I went to see if I could win a wildcard entry into the last tournament the Brisbane Pinball Club have for the year. 185 more words

CRM TimeZone issue using JavaScript

Problem: When we try to save a datetime field from an HTML TextBox (date-picker)  to CRM using oData in JavaScript, the datetime is always saved incorrectly. 358 more words


Pinball tournament in Brisbane this Sunday

First of all – I start with a NEWS FLASH!!! ‘BIG HURT’ is Back!!!!! (yay :P)

Our Season 2 Final is upon us, only a few days away – Sunday 7th December to be exact. 665 more words

Cara Setting Jam (Time Zone) pada CRUNCHBANG 11

Setelah menginstall Crunchbang 11, jam yang tertera pada taskbar sebelah kanan atas tidak sesuai dengan yang seharusnya. harusnya pukul 06.00 tetapi tertulisnya 18.00. Untuk memperbaiki ini silahkan buka terminal dan ketik perintah berikut. 12 more words


A beginner's guide to Java time zone handling

Basic time notions

Most web applications have to support different time-zones and properly handling time-zones is no way easy. To make matters worse, you have to make sure that timestamps are consistent across various programming languages (e.g. 1,571 more words