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Date, Calendar and DateFormat

One of the utilities provided by java is classes related to date and calendar which can be used for date, time and calendar manipulation. You will need these utilities at one point or other. 1,927 more words

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Timezone Upgrade Steps

Below are steps to upgrade the timezone from version 4 to 14 in database. When you upgrade a 10g ( database to 11g ( database, while running the utlu112i.sql script, you will get a warning for old timezone of database which needs to be upgraded 14. 1,031 more words

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Embarrassing Confessions

I think most confessions are embarrassing. Well, mine usually are. Then is my title redundant? Probably. Anyway, the first thing I want to say is I usually misspell embarrassing. 158 more words



A good night’s sleep helps a lot :) It was much easier today, a good ride, with an important milestone.

I had forgotten about it, today I passed the last timeline. 240 more words


How to change time zone in linux centos ( date time)

Change timezone in Linux ( centos) :

Step 1: Check your current date time
This step is not needed but its helpful to know what time you have currently. 179 more words


Wrong timezone causes TopLink warning in SOA Suite by Cato Aune

From time to time we discovered SOA installations that got this little TopLink warning in the SOA server log every minute:

It happened on some installations, but not on other, and we couldn’t really find any patterns that explained why it did happen on installation A and not on installation B. 175 more words

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Say No To Jet Lag

Have you ever wondered how to prevent jet lags? Did you know that, following a long flight, your body needs about a day per time zone crossed to readjust to the new environment? 599 more words