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About to be Facebook-less…


This morning my cousin and I made banana bread and FaceTimed with my brother Kaehler. Both of which were super fun! I know what all you Canadians are thinking… Baking?! 870 more words

New Zealand News


I sleep at night
Wake up at six
Then sleep again
At twelve
The plane it landed
It took me home
But left my body… 24 more words


Time Zone Conversion

Here we are converting time from one zone to another.
public class ConvertToGMT {
 public static void main(String[] args) throws ParseException {
 Date date = new Date();
 TimeZone temp = TimeZone.getDefault();
 Calendar tzCal = Calendar.getInstance();
 System.out.println("Current DateTime :"+tzCal.getTime());
 private static void covertToOther(Date timestamp,String reqTimeZone){
 Calendar tzCal = Calendar.getInstance();
 System.out.println("India "+tzCal.getTime());

Output :
Current DateTime :Thu Aug 21 11:19:51 GMT 2014
India Thu Aug 21 16:49:51 GMT+05:30 2014
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Back in Action

Hey World! I’m back in action…in more ways than one!

First, the blog.

It’s been a while, my goodness!  It turns out the combo of finishing up things in North Dakota, moving to Wisconsin, spending five busy weeks in Florida, moving back to Wisco for a month, not having a regular schedule, my lack of exciting (or funny) things to blog about and my laziness is a deadly combo for not blogging in over four months. 517 more words

Just For Fun

Get windows time settings from remote servers

I recently had to deal with some issues with time on our servers and I wanted to get an overview of our environment. To do that I wrote the script in this post which gets the time, timesource (NTP servers) and time zone information from remote windows servers and exports the information to a handy CSV file. 890 more words


Date, Calendar and DateFormat

One of the utilities provided by java is classes related to date and calendar which can be used for date, time and calendar manipulation. You will need these utilities at one point or other. 1,927 more words

Java Basics

Timezone Upgrade Steps

Below are steps to upgrade the timezone from version 4 to 14 in database. When you upgrade a 10g ( database to 11g ( database, while running the utlu112i.sql script, you will get a warning for old timezone of database which needs to be upgraded 14. 1,031 more words

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