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If circumstances were different, if we met at a different time, different place, maybe as different people with different names, would i have got to see you look at me the same way? 232 more words

Odd Thoughts...i Take Requests

43 of 16 x 365

We survived the fire with no arsonist alarm/ Purified put higher cursed passed it along/ Souls we inspired work to right wrongs/ And so we’re admired from your safe position/ A piece of curriculum studied from afar/ From a piece of a continent message in a jar/ No peace on this countenance please it goes so far/ Peace officers brandishing pieces of old scars/ Celebrating rights to use arms while we raise hands/ To demands that we cease and desist and disband/ While their powers expand but conscience shrinks/ What if the roles were reversed does no one think?/ Do the eyes not blink at the tears we shed?/ The marches protests and sermons we’ve said/ Our sons and daughters laid down to early bed/ By your violence without stories or a kiss goodnight… 10 more words

Timing Is A Myth

Wow, I am so sorry it’s taken so long but I’m afraid I got totally distracted by this awesome web comic and…yeah. Anyways I’m here now with a new writing tip. 272 more words

The Life Of A Writing Witch

Trick: Timing a command using a .BAT file

A Question at Stack Overflow asked: “How can I write a script to calculate the time the script took to complete?”

This article will use that question (and my… 1,029 more words


Right Person, Wrong Time

Ever feel like you have found the PERFECT person for you… BUT … in your mind it’s the “RIGHT PERSON, but WRONG TIME” … Check out this article. 11 more words

Children Imagination Quotes

“Imagination is the only key to the future. Without it none exists — with it all things are possible.”
― Ida Tarbell