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Elmore Delay Model

For each wire segment,

delay = R * (downstream C)


Timing.... bouncing balls and momentum

Timing.  As the years have gone I realized is that many times… timing is one of if not the biggest deciding factors in many things that we do. 255 more words


Timing Metrics

Req(t) : required arrival time at timing point t
Arr(t) : arrival time at timing point t

Slk(t) : Slack at timing point t

Slk(t) = Req(t) – Arr(t) 38 more words


Missed Opportunities

The past few days I’ve noticed more than others how I’ve had things I wanted to say, but no opportunity to say them. I don’t mean huge conversations I wish I had, but more in passing comments. 763 more words


Do you believe in magic?

“Everyone wants a magical solution to their problems and everyone refuses to believe in magic”Once Upon a Time,The Mad Hatter


In our society today we assume that there is always a solution for a problem that arises.

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15 lessons I learned in 35 days in Iran

After two consecutive months of vacation en grande in Dubai, my tourist visa finally expired. And as per the UAE protocol for expired tourist visa holders, you have to ‘exit’ to any country for a minimum stay of one month before going back to reapply for a new tourist visa. 4,231 more words

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