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DOSH DNA: Entering the Worksite-Timing & No Trespassing

How can a DOSH Inspector come onsite?

Firstly, it should be noted that by law WISHA authorizes DOSH to perform unannounced workplace safety inspections.  However, the guidelines for the DOSH inspector don’t stop there but rather go on to explain when and how they can enter the work site. 162 more words

Safety & Injury Prevention

Monopoly Money Wars

Hello there young capitalists, are you ready to play the 2 players game that will double or triple your already enormous fortune? Well in that case, welcome to Monopoly Money Wars game! 17 more words


RunSignUp Service

We may operate on a self-service model…but that doesn’t mean we aren’t here to help.

Our customers had some nice things to say about us at our Race Director/Timer Symposium. 13 more words

Covering in the Lord

What is ‘covering’ in the Lord, how does it work, what are the misconceptions about it, how might we walk in greater covering?

These are questions that many have attempted to answer and I am going to do the same today. 2,404 more words


Fortunate Friday

Well evfurry…grannie took off today to the shopz..she put Forrest an me in the laundry and said ” back soon” so we get on our bedz get our blanketz put on and wait….. 463 more words



   Timing is everything, I thought, as our heavily burdened canoe slowly moved up river. I knew I’d soon leave my marriage behind, only wondering when was best. 546 more words

False Peace

When in an integration process does the cessation of griping mean not that the storm is over but that the hostilities have gone underground, that the people with issues have given up trying to get a resolution? 177 more words

Best Practices