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VIDEO | "Who Dat?!" with @Timmaaay_ and @AAAWright

Fame Dash is back this week with a new edition of his interview segment from The Bahamas and he switched it up on us. Anuschka Wright… 42 more words


73. The Unnatural City, Part VIII

Meanwhile in Space…

Episode 73: The Unnatural City, Part VIII: Mother Knows Best

Timmy considered his options while the robots stood outside the commissary. He could continue to hole up inside the store, but that meant if the robots wanted him bad enough, they would only destroy it. 1,225 more words

Flash Fiction

72. The Unnatural City, Part VII

Meanwhile in Space…

Episode 72: The Unnatural City, Part VII: The March of the Robots

Timmy drove as fast as Sundance’s car could handle. The chilling night, desert wind whipped by him as he pushed the car to the limit. 1,283 more words

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NHL Draft Win for Philly, But It Wasn't Their Picks...

This year’s NHL Draft was held in Philadelphia this past Friday and Saturday. You would think I’d be writing about my excitement for the Flyers draft picks, which seemed to be good, but I’m actually talking about how awesome the Philly fans were and how proud they should be of themselves. 299 more words


71. The Unnatural City, Part VI

Meanwhile in Space

Episode 71: The Unnatural City, Part VI: The Great Escape

The robot that was previously Sundance gripped its cold metallic fingers around Timmy’s neck. 1,024 more words

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