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An Open Letter to My Favorite Four-Year-Old

Dear Timmy,

When you wake up today, you’ll be officially four years old. :) Over the next few days, we’ll be practicing your new answer to the perennial how-old-are-you question. 2,380 more words


How to recognize a url is rewrited? [on hold]

I want to write a program to recognize if a url is rewrited.

But I don’t known how to start.

I have an ideas:

step one, collect url rewrite rules of all platform. 59 more words

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If you have researched any parenting style or positive parenting solutions online or on TV, you will have found Supernanny Jo Frost everywhere, including YouTube. From the very beginning, as I was raising my children Supernanny Jo Frost was my personal hero and she still is now! 282 more words

10 Novelties About Timmy, the NaNoWriMo Bot

National Novel Writing Month has grown into something special over the years. As far back as 2003 I wrote the NaNo challenge alone.  I love it because momentum is my friend when it comes to fiction, as I have… 842 more words


Thanksgiving Family Photo 2014

Years ago my sister and I settled into a holiday rotation for hosting and being together so both sides of our families get equal shares of each other. 173 more words

Creating Memories

The Timmy Bow Tie

The Timmy bow tie is crisp, stylish and statement making. If you love clip on bow ties you have to add this to your collection.

Bows By Guangorena

Searching for a specific string within a mongodb database

I have the following code:

collection.find({title:"foo"}, {title:1, _id:0})

that returns

{title: "foo"}

but when I try:

str = "foo";
collection.find({title:str}, {title:1, _id:0})

I don’t get any results back. 41 more words

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