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On Endings and Penny Dreadful

In the latest video, I give a talk about what makes endings great and what works and doesn’t work about the Penny Dreadful finale, including the Apache Pinkerton race-fail.


[Review] Penny Dreadful – Season 1


The 19th Century penny dreadful periodical told lurid stories of a sensational nature. Based on that title, the series is a psychological thriller that weaves several classic horror stories together. 459 more words


I miss James Bond

I grew up with James Bond movies. Few things were as exciting as a new 007 coming out, or even renting a video (yes, an ancient video) of an older one. 246 more words


So Much Yelling 16: A Junk Movie For A Garbage Can Person

Episode Sixteen:  “A Junk Movie For A Garbage Can Person”

Episode 016 is all about Agent 007.  Jason, Nate, & Devon have a conversation that’s for your ears only as they talk about the Best and Underappreciated James Bond movies. 7 more words


TV Verdict: Penny Dreadful

Penny Dreadful has just finished on Sky Atlantic in the UK and I’ve got to say, I absolutely loved it.



License to Kill – Gladys Knight

Timothy Dalton is the George Harrison of Bonds,* by which I mean he is my favourite Bond. George didn’t write too many songs but when he did they were undeniably brilliant. 43 more words

Song Of The Day

2014 TV: Penny Dreadful (Showtime, Sky)

(*** This review is ever-so spoilerific, so read at your own risk ***)

It’s always been a source of consternation for me when multitudes of people ask if I’ve seen whatever seemingly massive TV phenomenon has governed my social media feeds with humourously-evasive, spoiler-free, sentence-long reviews and I’ll admit with a somewhat tragic shrug that no, I haven’t. 2,056 more words