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Peace, Love & Reincarnation

I’ve been watching a documentary series on CNN called The SixtiesIt’s a ten-part look at the influence the 1960s had on American culture and society, with episodes devoted to topics such as the Cold War, JFK’s assassination, the Space Race, and Vietnam. 870 more words

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Experiment or Hell Bent?

LSD.  Is it an experiment? Or is it for fun?  Or is it something different all together?

East Coast LSD:  Mind expansion.  Timothy Leary.  Yale. Snobs. 410 more words


Can I ask you a question?

One of my favorite things to say to people when they come to me with a question is “Quest away.”

It always throws them off. Most people give me the same sideways look that a dog gives his owner when there seems to be miscommunication, but sometimes I get giggles (those are the best) or an acknowledgment of my cleverness. 1,058 more words


Warlock Asylum Interviews Jonathan Blank: Creative Technologist, Filmmaker, & Co-Author of Secrets of the Dragon Gate

Greetings! I would like to welcome everyone to the Art of Ninzuwu blog page. If this is your first time here, please take this opportunity as a chance to review some of our previous articles. 1,771 more words

Re-imprinting Yourself iPhone and Android App - Self-Hypnosis, NLP and Guided Visualization

iPhone App: apps.mobbase.com Android App: pending mp3 download: attentionshifting.myshopify.com http://www.michaeljemery.com This program requires active participation and continued use for 30 days. The majority of this program is specifically designed to cause previously unconscious imagery and

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You are neuroecology

Can we say that a great idea pops up again and again? I just found this great quote from a really random book, Change Your Brain… 120 more words