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This study was the Ph. D. dissertation research of Walter Pahnke, M.D., then a graduate student in the philosophy of religion at Harvard University, who set out to determine whether the transcendent experience reported during psychedelic acid sessions was similar to the mystical experience reported by saints and religious mystics.

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Hunter S Thompson said

Hunter S Thompson said “we were told to buy American”,
Hunter S Thompson said “the sixties were a lie”.
He told us if we walked to the high point in Nevada and looked out into the distance… 99 more words


Roadside Prophets

Roadside Prophets is a 1992 cult road movie, an Easy Rider played mostly for laughs.

Two blue collar southern California motorcycle riders meet at work one day, and hang out at a bar that evening. 708 more words


Find the Others

Obtained from: http://zenpencils.com/comic/102-timothy-leary-you-arent-like-them/

Written by Timothy Leary.

Artwork by: Gavin Aung Than

So I saw this comic strip online this week and with every line I read and every picture I saw I couldn’t help but nod my head along the entire way. 291 more words

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Recommended Reading: The Eros and the Eschaton: Terence McKenna on the Shaman and the Schizophrenic

Schizophrenia is just a catch-all term for forms of mental behavior that we don’t understand. In the 19th century, there was a term “melancholia”, which we would now call bipolar depression, so forth and so on. 1,161 more words


MUST READ -- Entheogens: What’s in a Name? The Untold History of Psychedelic Spirituality, Social Control, and the CIA

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Entheogens: What’s in a Name?
The Untold History of Psychedelic Spirituality, Social Control, and the CIA

By Jan Irvin
November 11, 2014

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Beautiful oh Beautiful (Leary’s Psalm)

Timothy Leary saw lightning in the desert, he said beautiful, oh, beautiful. Testing hallucinogenic, thought by drug a master, Neurologic telepathy, Exo-Psychology. Was his life disaster, or did he find the answer, when the sun goes down in his Mexicana town, he said, no authority, question all wisdom formally, do it dutiful, be equivocal. 386 more words