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Philippians 2:19-30; A Few Good Men

Concluding the second chapter of Philippians, Paul binds up his instructions with the encouragement of two faithful ministers who were working on their behalf: Timothy and Epaphroditus.   742 more words

Hand Drawn Picture of Myself!

I came across an artist on Instagram and tumblr a few months back and actually drew an amazing picture that resembles me completely! I was amazed at how accurate he was at depicting everything and really bringing out my personality through his artwork! 57 more words

Timothy Michael Gould

Paul's second self | Timothy

Young but not clueless : Jeremiah, Joseph, Daniel, Esther, Mary, Timothy.

Leadership was never my favorite topic. My first leadership training was not pleasant at all. 446 more words


Case Solution for GameStop

Complete Case details are given below :

Case Name :      GameStop

Authors :           Sayan Chatterjee, Timothy Yee

Source :             Ivey Publishing

Case ID :            W11640… 151 more words


Torch Bearers

The names Timothy and Titus are known to some of us who read the letters of Paul in the Scriptures but I knew little about… 426 more words

To: {Wherever the Gone Go}

Well, another off-schedule post today. A few days ago three young men in my hometown were involved in a car accident. {I waited a few days, didn’t want to rush this post} This brought up a lot for us. 741 more words

When Bad Things Happen to Good Churches

Being in the preacher world I am well acquainted with bad things happening to good churches.

Division; immorality; financial difficulties; unhealthy leadership; strife and friction; ungodly agendas; even false teaching are among the bad things that often happen. 903 more words

Church Of Christ