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Timothy: Part 2

From the day she bought her first Anne Taylor skirt-suit, Nancy developed a lust for Amazonian power. My mother blossomed when she entered the domain of the raunchy old businessmen. 2,381 more words

Short Story

Photoshoot with my boys..

Finally I had the time to do a little photoshoot with my 2 boys again. A quick few shots like the few I did with Geoffrey last week is fun, but it’s not a quality photoshoot offcourse. 66 more words


Responding to 1st Timothy 1:10

I recently realized that I had inadvertently neglected to include 1st Timothy 1:10 in my previous series on Biblical clobber passages.

The passage, in context, reads: 347 more words

Faith Gender & Justice

Contradiction Claim Busted: The Circumcision of Timothy

From an online anti-Christian blogger:

  • In Acts 16:1-3, Paul has a disciple named Timothy, who was born from a Greek father, be circumcised “because of the Jews who lived in that area.” However, this goes against Paul’s own deceleration (Gal.
  • 412 more words
Bible Contradictions

The Encounter

September, 2011

There’d never been a promise or even a mention of a safe passing into the after life. Emma had helped Timothy escape that cell, she had seemed resigned to be broken down into energy for the Ectomancer to use, but in the end, Timothy couldn’t do it. 2,569 more words


The Equinox

September, 2011

The person that picked Timothy up from the alley wasn’t a person at all, and he didn’t try hiding it. Gray scales covered his entire body, short claws sprouted from his hands, completely green orbs sat where his eyeballs should have and his nose hooked downward to a fine point. 3,699 more words


Helpers in the Ministry (Philippians 2:19–30)

As we continue our study in Philippians, Paul is still discussing the submissive mind. He gives us a description of the submissive mind in the example of Jesus Christ ( 2,330 more words