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Trouser Tuesday: Old Town Tin-house Vauxhall

Welcome back to the second instalment of Trouser Tuesday, this week featuring the Vauxhall trousers by British maker Old Town. Well, not strictly accurate, as my trousers are made by Tin House, the workwear label of heritage-style micro-maker Old Town. 978 more words


Letter #56: Dear Internet Game "2048"

Dear Internet Game “2048″:
Only you know how much time we have spent together during the last week, and it’s more than I am excited to admit, so if you could keep that between us, that would be great. 1,137 more words


Camp NaNoWriMo has started again (dance party time)! It’s really exciting to be doing this again since the last three times I have tried to finish on time I have miserably failed. 171 more words


Rachel Kushner's The Flamethrowers

Around five books in the last year have drawn me up short and made me think about narrative and storylines and the possibilities of literature and form. 835 more words


Writing Wednesday: Oxford Comma for the Win!


Remember a while back when I posted about the story about Kerouac and Burroughs getting into a duel over the Oxford comma—or more so my reaction to that story? 118 more words

Beat Generation

Students do good and me happy good

Check this out. Some of my former students seem to actually have ignored enough of my bad advice that they have become good writers. Imagine! I know! 450 more words

Publishing Ratios: Gender Disparity by the Numbers

As a writer of fiction, and a female writer, I have been told time and again that women don’t get published. I can’t tell you where or who exactly planted this seed, but it seems to me that being told you won’t be published is an experience of any writing workshop; being told you won’t be published especially because you are a woman seems to also be an experience female writers share. 1,375 more words