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Strawman and TIN in Prostitution Cases!!!

In a prostitution case, you will find the defendant’s name is spelled in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS and Upper and lower case name. Many sovereign citizen believe that the Upper and Lower case name is the name of the live man or woman. 277 more words

The Person In the Prostitution Law

The purpose of this blog is to expose the loopholes in prostitution laws, federal gross income tax laws, and the term “person” in statutes. I expect some people to be angry at me about the fact I am exposing the loopholes in the prostitution laws. 2,090 more words

America makes no sense

Okay, don’t call out the National Guard. I’m not talking about America the country in which I live. I’m talking about the 70s pop-rock band called “America.” 534 more words


Audition time!

Yesterday, I auditioned for a part in a musical. The Wizard of Oz to be exact. I wanted to be the ‘Tin man’ and I had a 3 pages of lines with the instructions to bring something ‘new and different’ to the role. 59 more words

Day To Day

Tin Man - Wasteland

This is the title track from Tin Man’s 2008 album.

Unlike his usual particular take on Acid house, the whole affair is made up of slow, sedate songs with a minimal Techno backing. 76 more words


The Avett Brothers - Tin Man

It took me years to disentangle my love for these boys from some persistent, weaselly associations with unpleasant, unrepentant people. It’s all steps on the same road, and the distance is the perfect place for both unpleasant people and sadness. 58 more words