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Alcohol, Sex, and Cake.

Cake is my substitution for sex. Cake is also my substitution for alcohol.  Maybe this was a bad idea..it’s not that I can’t get any dick, it is just that I want a different kind of dick.   654 more words

Melissa, Part 1

Last night I had my first date from Tinder. It was a girl we’ll call Melissa. Melissa looked from her profile to be gorgeous, but there really wasn’t a full body shot. 781 more words


What's new? Some rambling about some stuff

There’s this guy who I “met” on Tinder around February (actually, it’d be really embarrassing if he happened to read this because I know he has my url but I can’t tell him NOT to visit my blog ever again, but at the same time I don’t want to stifle my blogging freedom on the off-chance that he may see this one day. 1,564 more words

Natural Vernacular

Limerick 7

So close! So, so close! That first A line has an extra syllable, but hey, whose counting?

(Me. I am. I’m counting.)

It is a thing of beauty. 36 more words

Where is the Holiness in the Holy Land? Gaza Under Attack

World War I, which started 100 years ago, was started because an Archduke got shot by a crazy guy in Sarajevo. The 2014 Attack on Gaza by Israel started after 3 Israeli boys were kidnapped and killed-by who it is still unclear. 858 more words


The Famished Guy

This gem of a guy came my way from the dating app I use the least – Tinder. Tinder is basically like the modern day “Hot or Not” and you go through people’s pictures and swipe right if you’re into them, or left if you’re not. 1,092 more words

Dating Stories

Vegetables I can Handle... But no Cheese?!

In this day and age, everyone seems to be on some kind of eating plan; be it gluten-free, paleo, vegetarian, all-carb and etc. The weirdest of them all to me is VEGAN! 402 more words

Drunk Mistakes