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Tinderbox: The Finals

Here are the finals, all in one place: that’s an environment piece with my character in, just an environment piece, my character final, the character model sheet, and the character sheet. 127 more words



Israel breaks my heart again these days. It feels like we’re sitting on a tinderbox – again. Pushed back stomachache from the dark days during summer’s war is coming back. 229 more words


Sources and Methods. And Tinderbox

I have just listened to Sources and Methods, a podcast “about interesting people doing interesting things”. This episode was their interview with Mark Bernstein, the creator of… 163 more words


Tinderbox: Princess/Witch further exploration

After jotting down some ideas that came from exploring the properties of copper and how it reacts with fire, a back story for the Princess started to develop in my head, this is what I came up with… 381 more words

Tinderbox: Character Design (painting)

Austerity... Part 1

My parents were born in the 1920’s. They lived through the war. They understood real austerity, austerity because of practical circumstance. What we are living through is NOT austerity for any practical reason, but a form of desertification imposed by those who already have far, far more than they need. 569 more words


Day 79 - The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Today has just been one of those days. I had a delicious white mocha from Tinderbox but forgot to take a picture, as well as a hideoderous (to quote Dr Seuss) day at work. 147 more words

100 Happy Days