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Hans Christian Andersen: The Tinderbox.

Last week, someone asked me what my favourite fairy tale is. Now, this has caused a lot of problems; I’ve scoured my mind for the best, the most interesting, the most meaningful. 3,033 more words

Fairy Tale

Reconnaissance trip to and from New Norfolk

Last Sunday, friend Me took me on a discovery drive from Bellerive to New Norfolk along the eastern shore of the Derwent River.

We were curious to see how closely I would be able to walk along the edge of the River, and the extent to which I would need to deviate or stay on main roads.  363 more words

Derwent River


It would be nice to say that the Tinderbox-pink book-signing poster outside Waterstone’s in Piccadilly was anouncing our launch party two nights ago. Sadly, that would be untrue. 166 more words

Tinderbox MAW 2014 Anthology

Yours, Doormat

Waiting for the sound of  your footsteps

I lie down to welcome you

But you have been deafened by the noise your soles make

And I was born mute… 156 more words

In And Around

Drawing to a close

Summer is drawing to an end.

There’s a portfolio submission due on Monday – the last of the course, for many students on MA in Writing… 119 more words

Tinderbox MAW 2014 Anthology

22 Aug 2014 Arrival at Fort Direction - Posting 4 of 8

After 20 minutes walking from the bus, I stood at a high mesh perimeter fence with a large open gate and massive signs telling me that the land beyond was the property of the Defence Services and ‘Trespassers will be prosecuted’. 744 more words

Derwent River

22 Aug 2014 Arriving in South Arm and starting the walk – Posting 3 of 8

At 8.50am the bus was darting past the Clifton Beach turn off and then, after speeding across the low lying road of the isthmus, a little after 9am I was stepping off the bus opposite the South Arm shop. 642 more words

Derwent River