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Orgasms and Alarm Clocks

That fading phosphorescent glow

emanating from my

still-tingling clit serves as a signal

that it’s time to rest

lay low

like fallow earth

turn aside from your relentless plow… 515 more words


Another Bump in the Road

I hit a speed bump during this morning’s training session. My entire right arm from shoulder to the tip of my thumb went numb! It was the strangest thing and happened right near the beginning of my session during some overhead squats. 213 more words


Tingling and Numbness

I am writing this post with the hope that it might help someone avoid a lot of the pain and suffering described in earlier posts and the continuing comments. 905 more words


sudarshan kriya : fake enlightenment



Here’s the main content of the above video…

This video has no audio at the time of uploading…

Just because Sudarshan Kriya is hyperventilation or over-breathing, we feel a lightness in the head and tingling and think it’s ‘enlightenment’. 158 more words

Sudarshan Kriya

Sudarshan Kriya : Abuse of religion to create an unsafe setting

@ Firefly …


This post is… in a sense a continuation of the previous post on Sudarshan Kriya…


I think I owe you an apology… for being a little too dramatic… and saying that Sri Sri laughed hysterically after doing Sudarshan Kriya… 248 more words

Sudarshan Kriya

December 10, 2013 - It Is What It Is

I was called to a return appointment at the rheumatologist the week after my initial visit. Two of my labs came back positive-ANA and rheumatoid factor. 273 more words