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sudarshan kriya : fake enlightenment



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Just because Sudarshan Kriya is hyperventilation or over-breathing, we feel a lightness in the head and tingling and think it’s ‘enlightenment’. 158 more words

Sudarshan Kriya

Sudarshan Kriya : Abuse of religion to create an unsafe setting

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This post is… in a sense a continuation of the previous post on Sudarshan Kriya…


I think I owe you an apology… for being a little too dramatic… and saying that Sri Sri laughed hysterically after doing Sudarshan Kriya… 248 more words

Sudarshan Kriya

December 10, 2013 - It Is What It Is

I was called to a return appointment at the rheumatologist the week after my initial visit. Two of my labs came back positive-ANA and rheumatoid factor. 273 more words

August 29, 2013 - Catching Up...With Urkel?

Did I do that? (in my best Urkel voice) Yes, I did neglect to blog since my follow-up from pilar cyst surgery in June. The same week as surgery we took a family trip to the zoo. 1,235 more words

Preacher Man

“The object of preaching is, constantly to remind mankind of what mankind are constantly forgetting; not to supply the defects of human intelligence, but to fortify the feebleness of human resolutions; to recall mankind from the by-paths where they turn, into that broad path of salvation which all know, but few tread.” 358 more words


Living Well with MPNs Review/Recap plus a personal revelation

Hello there, dear readers. I hope you are all having a wonderful week :) The weather here is unseasonably cool, so I’m taking full advantage of it, and writing outside with my wonderful writing buddy, Tesla! 724 more words

Our body as solidified mind

After seeing a patient recently, I was reminded of a saying I’ve heard variously attributed to different Yogic traditions, that the body is solidified mind, and the mind rarified body. 1,090 more words

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