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The Cardboard Box Book, Blackwells Bookshop, Bristol, 18/08/14.

The Cardboard Box Book” by Roger Priddy, looks like a great book; I even contemplated buying it for my nephew, but I was concerned that he’d fill my sister’s relatively small house with boxes from floor to ceiling with boxes! 45 more words


Don't Forget Your Very Early Artistic Influences

Every artist is influenced by their favourite works of art and/or comics and most artists can usually list a few of their major influences fairly quickly. 855 more words


On the Fringe of things

I’m on my way to Edinburgh for the Fringe. Apparently it is the biggest cultural festival in the world – everything has to be some sort of -est for it to be worthwhile, doesn’t it? 1,782 more words


Edinburgh Trip

I absolutely love Edinburgh and as soon as I can manage, I’d love to live there.  My sister and her fiance now live in Edinburgh so I visited them for the first time over the weekend which was lovely. 368 more words


Charles Burns Completes Trilogy with Sugar Skull

Sugar Skull

The long, strange trip that began in X’ed Out and continued in The Hive reaches its mind-bending, heartbreaking end, but not before Doug is forced to deal with the lie he’s been telling himself since the beginning. 168 more words

PPR Political Cartoon # 7 "Tintin in Gitmo"

“Apparently some of those ‘folks’ Obama referred to included Tintin and Snowy”

For more artwork from Porkins Policy Review contributor Emma Redmond, please check out  Red House.

Politcal Cartoons

Wednesday Waddle

Angry Duck took in some art today around the home, here he is hiding on top of a slightly racist Tintin print. Tintin was in Congo at the time, but the drawing is slightly dubious. 18 more words

Angry Duck