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I was filling in the holes | Charles Burns discusses Tintin's influence

Charles Burns talked to The New Yorker about the influence Herge’s Tintin had on his X’ed Out trilogy:

The format of the three hardcovers is based on Tintin in its Franco-Belgian comics album format… Luckily, I had those books growing up.

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Brussels - better than the sprouts

Our next stop in our guide is the land of chocolate and beer, however learning from previous experiences in Prague, we kept these two pleasures as separate entities. 280 more words

More street art in Brussels

What is street art? I tend to think of street art as a category that encompasses a broad range of artistic expressions in a public area. 76 more words


Time to Travel

No matter how long I have been planning and thinking about traveling, or how many guides I have checked out of the library or people’s brains I have picked about destinations, there comes a moment right before a trip when I think. 341 more words

Explorers on the Moon

This week we’re watching a lot of TinTin, and The Smurfs in excitement for our upcoming trip to the comics capital; Brussels.

Urban Murals & Brussels

Often public murals can look naff, too politically correct or otherwise too preaching they look like a school guidance councillor has designed them. Part of the grand socialist tradition of public murals promoted by the Mexican mural painters. 340 more words

Street Art