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Dining in Spain, or No Longer Having to Eat Like a Goat

I apologize in advance to my vegetarian and vegan friends for this post. While most of my diet consists of vegetable-flax-coconut smoothies that I lovingly call my “cud,” I came to the conclusion after several years of vegetarianism – some of it during lean months in Switzerland, where they routinely tried to serve me a pork cutlet stuffed with ground ham wrapped in bacon and deep fried – that I feel healthier with small amounts of meat in my diet. 1,118 more words


The wonderful world of Spanish wine spritzers

There are several reasons that I adore Spain, and they pretty much all involve wine. What I love about Spaniards is that they decided to keep their distance from the French-Italian “wine war” and have it their way. 341 more words


Tapas - AKA Toast

With the tales of tapas built by the hipster bars spotting the streets of Toronto promising authentic tapas and sangria, there was a certain image of what tapas included. 884 more words