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7 Movies About Women Who Don't Have Everything Figured Out, Featuring Characters We Can Finally Relate To, Losers!

Of course, for every female character we can actually relate to, there are a hundred vapid ridiculous rom-com stereotypes in their place. But these movies have made me feel less alone, like struggling is not only okay but totally normal. 2,559 more words

Michelle Williams

In defense of Lena Dunham's dress

I first became a fan of Miss Dunham after stumbling across her film Tiny Furniture on Netflix a few years back. The movie was a painfully relatable tale about a young woman adjusting to life after college, a subject which has been examined and retold close to 100 million times. 320 more words


Let Lena Be Great!

By now, chances are you’ve seen the gorgeous Giambattista Valli gown Lena Dunham wore to the Emmys last night; it’s a dress I loved when I saw it in runway photos and I’m so glad Lena was the one to wear it because, let’s face it – you need  309 more words


Musings from the Laundromat: Breaking Silence edition


I did not leave the house yesterday.  I did not speak a word to another human being all day.

There were no possible moves I could make that would not leave me at a disadvantage – so I stayed mute. 571 more words