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List of needs, wants & benefits for Happy, Simply South Australia

What a week for Happy, simply in Aotearoa New Zealand and Australia…

Firstly I have been living in my Happy, simply home in Paekakariki, NZ with such purpose, joy and fulfilment I can’t tell you how wonderful it is living off the grid (but still going to the library to use internet and work each day :). 1,138 more words

Happy Simply Blog Post

My head is flooded with tiny home floor plans.

Now that I’m obsessed with building my very own tiny house, all I do is think about floor plans. Like seriously, 24/7 I’m thinking floor plans. 634 more words

Tiny House

Tiny houses = dream homes

Tiny houses.

I have had more conversations about wee homes in the past month than I have had in my whole life. People are getting obsessed, and I love it. 183 more words

Rhode Island Tiny Housers...

Whats up guys! Kind of just bumming around today, went to The Dirty Heads at Lupos last night AWESOME show, anyhow I just came across this article on Yahoo about another… 99 more words

Tiny House

Travelling around the globe In a VW Van for Three years 60,000 miles and 24 countries.

Meet Amanda & Richard Ligato a Latin woman and her gringo husband they drove their Vw Van around  the whole wide world in  a project that took 3 years to complete. 116 more words

Weekend at the Tiny House <3

Everyone who was there before us refers to our tiny home as “The Gingerbread House” and Sean kinda likes that. I’ve been referring to it as Tiny Tardis in my own head (and it DOES feel much bigger on the inside). 655 more words

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It's Official!

I took a screenshot of my phone when I opened the PDF showing that…..

our Tumbleweed Amish Barn Raiser is officially in production! :)

It should be ready around the end of May, and I’ve received the “go ahead” to take essentially the entire month of May off from both of my jobs so we can FINALLY get all our crap moved out of the big house and get it ready to sell. 56 more words

Tiny House