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The "American Dream"

It’s always been the american dream to own a nice big house on a good lot of land. Which isn’t a bad thing, if that’s what your dream is than go for it but that isn’t my dream. 434 more words

Blue Sky Beauty

A friend sent me a few links to various tiny homes which lead me to Blue Sky, another brilliant Canadian company.

Before stumbling here I was thinking of my Ginger Shack as a 100 square foot little home with an outhouse near by and a tub over in another corner. 67 more words


Mini-Opinion: Homeless Empowered By Their Own Tiny Homes

How do people survive in below-zero weather when they live outside? What happens to tent cities when torrential rains flood their makeshift homes? More importantly, how can we allow our fellow man and woman and children to live this way? 252 more words

Gloria Christie

Go Big Or Go Home

I’ve never once wished for a larger boat while out sailing and voyaging but living aboard at the dock in winter is an entirely different thing.   611 more words

Living Aboard

Business and Home

Two great excerpts from both.

Firstly, home.

When I’m laying in my recliner, some may think I’m too close to the stove. But.. no. I always hang my hair over so I’d smell my hair melting first, or feel it in my hands as they’re either behind or on my head. 563 more words

Home Life

Looking for peace and tranquility

Looking for peace and tranquility?  A place to find yourself or discover your voice?  A place to pen the next great novel or read the most recent one? 258 more words