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Living Lightly

I see the era of the McMansion coming to an end.  You know, those enormous houses that have been springing out of plan books and onto tight lotline cul-de-sacs all across the United States for the past 20 years. 1,018 more words

Consume Less

Trying Tiny: Part 1 - An experiment in Tinier Living Now!

It all started with moving the furniture to shampoo the carpets, then it hit us, “Hey, why not put the furniture back in a mock tiny house arrangement?” So that’s what we did. 873 more words

Paring Down

Why Live in a Tiny Home?

The most inspirational people I’ve ever met have not been those with the most power, the most money or the highest status. The people who leave me in awe are those who are dedicated to passion over money, are committed to loving others without expecting anything in return and are ballsy enough to live dangerously free; I first heard about tiny homes from people like these. 436 more words

How it Begins

The idea of living in a smaller space isn’t something I was initially drawn to.  We could spend years pontificating on the rich subject of our society’s obsession with MORE, so I’ll simply say it’s hard to imagine many feel naturally inclined to shrink their space and possessions.   685 more words


I'm so Sensitive

When I was in my 20’s I wore it as though it were a badge of beauty.  In my 30’s I began to recognize the signs of intolerance.  772 more words