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Portland, ME: Duck VS. Lobster

It was my first time in Maine. We stationed the tiny house at the Disneyland of RV parks Bayley’s Camping Resort. The campground attendants actually led us to our campsite with a golf cart. 512 more words

Tiny House

I See You

I recently thought about the support I receive and how much it changed just within a year.

“I cannot in good conscious participate in this kind of business any longer.” – Cloud Atlas. 892 more words

Making Changes

Wow! Where to start. I don’t want to overwhelm you with photos (those will come later) but we have been working on trial and error style living. 405 more words

Trying Tiny

A Shipwrecked Minimalist

It was time to leave Atlantic Canada. Guillaume and I thoroughly enjoyed our tour, but the date was October 5th and we needed to head south or commit to an icy winter in New England. 495 more words

Tiny House

When Tiny Homes Collide . . .

After leaving Cape Breton, Guillaume and I traveled back down the belly of Nova Scotia and stopped off at Peggy’s Cove.

There’s some interesting folklore surrounding Peggy’s Cove. 658 more words

Tiny House

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Breaking The News

I have always been close to my family. My parents have been my guidance and my sounding board for any decision that I faced though I did not always take their advice. 433 more words