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Why Live in a Tiny Home?

The most inspirational people I’ve ever met have not been those with the most power, the most money or the highest status. The people who leave me in awe are those who are dedicated to passion over money, are committed to loving others without expecting anything in return and are ballsy enough to live dangerously free; I first heard about tiny homes from people like these. 436 more words

Shipping Containers: Do They Make Good Homes?

There has been a lot of buzz about shipping container homes lately. If you are someone who follows the latest news and trends in sustainable living, you already know how eco-friendly these buildings are. 461 more words


I'm so Sensitive

When I was in my 20’s I wore it as though it were a badge of beauty.  In my 30’s I began to recognize the signs of intolerance.  772 more words

Tiny Homes

  I few years back, I spent the summer living and working in Alaska.  I lived in a 10×10 log cabin and had one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life.  194 more words


How to Sell a Tiny House

While home buyers have sought large one- and two-story traditional homes for years, a new trend is emerging on the market: tiny houses.

These houses, sometimes as small as 500 square feet, have developed a following, but it takes more than minimal space to catch a buyer’s eye. 383 more words

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bring only the necessities

I am very much into the idea of tiny houses.  I watched a documentary last week on the topic that had me mesmerized.  If you’re unfamiliar see the following from my private dictionary: 543 more words


Tiny Houses-- The Facts Behind the Fad

“Does size matter in a home?

For an increasing number of Louisville residents, the answer is no.

The tiny house movement has spawned documentaries, a television show, and decorated many a Pinterest page—all focused on people who are seriously downsizing their living space. 154 more words