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Tiny Homes in Portland, Oregon

There are many initiatives around the country that are taking steps in helping the homeless population.  This news video talks about what has been happening recently in Portland, Oregon.

Adult ADD strikes at night!

No, I have never been tested and diagnosed with ADD, lol! It is just an easier and shorter way to describe an overactive mind that likes to be fully engaged and busy and working, and solving, and inventing all the time. 512 more words


The Tiny Homestead Experiment Part One

One day while using http://www.stumbleupon.com (click at your own risk!) a few years ago, I found an article about a man building a tiny home.  What is a tiny home? 736 more words

Closed Ego

Big Family, Tiny Home: Living small with kids

Recently, the trend of tiny homes has been taking over Florida, and the benefits seem endless. However, many people are under the impression that living small is only suitable for one person who prefers privacy or a couple that doesn’t mind sharing. 362 more words


Life Recapped.

In the flurry of recent changes, I haven’t taken much time for tea with The Earl of late. Change is good, but change is overwhelming too. 536 more words


5 Creative Storage Hacks for Small Spaces

In a perfect world, every house would have a basement and an attic, walk-in closets and deep kitchen cabinets that stretch on forever—but the world is an imperfect place. 402 more words


tbmiwlw: TINY


This is literally the 50th time I’ve attempted to write my first sentence. Pathetic, I know. It’s because I’m debating how I should write this. 420 more words

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