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Damaged (Tiny Story)

I’m not broken, just a bit damaged.
One day I hope to be whole again.

For the tiny stories collab at hitRECord.


"Who wrote those poems?" by Sasha at Kafka's

Friday October 17,2014
12:18pm at Kafka’s Coffee
5 minutes
Advanced Italian Grammar
Marcel Danesi

Who even wrote these stupid poems? These asshole poems in my notebook in… 124 more words

"ADDICTED?" By Sasha at Trees Organic Coffee

Thursday October 16,2014 at Trees Organic Coffee
5 minutes
from a Sandwich board at ITIT

Addicted to the thrill of the spotlight, or, the stoplight, changing from red to green and you’re off. 104 more words

"Missing a beautiful sunset" by Sasha at The Angel's Nest on Salt Spring Island

Saturday October 11, 2014
5 minutes
from Julia’s notebook

Please answer the following questions and return them to me at your earliest convenience. Thanx. 155 more words