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Tip Tuesday

We are all guilty of being too lazy to wash our hair. It’s annoying, it takes time, and your arms get tired. How many of us have used dry shampoo until we finally caved and forced ourselves to wash our hair? 194 more words


Tip Tuesday: Dry Shampoo

Welcome back to Tip Tuesday!

Todays tip is about getting the most out of your dry shampoo:)

What to do: when you apply your dry shampoo lift you hair and target the spray at your roots and then pull your hair up so that the hair dries separated and not letting it all hang down and stick together. 29 more words

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Tip Tuesday - Toasted Pancakes

We’ve already been over how much I like breakfast (really, scroll through these posts for proof), but we’ve never specifically discussed my love of pancakes. I… 194 more words


Tip Tuesday: Make Your Lipstick Last

Hello loves!

Todays tip will be pretty easy and to the point–if you’d like to make your lipstick last longer you can do 3 things. 82 more words


Tip Tuesday|How to Revive Dried Mascara

Hey loves,

Have you ever been faced with the dreadful realization that your favorite mascara has dried up? UGHHH FML! You know that mascara that gets your lashes perfectly full or long. 115 more words


Tip Tuesday: Holiday Edition, Exercising BEFORE The New Year

Did you make it through Thanksgiving without completely overeating?  If you did, congrats—you’re off to a great start! I say “start” because there’s still another month of holiday gatherings to tempt you with sugary cocktails, plentiful appetizers, indulgent dinners, and decadent desserts. 697 more words

Tip Tuesday

#TipTuesday Rapport and Word of Mouth Marketing

When meeting a new client it’s important to remember to have open-handed body language and eye contact to indicate that you are fully engaged. The interaction shouldn’t be one-sided! 12 more words

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