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School and Drag?

Hey Britneyaitors!

Many people have asked me over the last few weeks how I handle school and drag, and this is my answer.

I have both awesome time management and planning skills. 185 more words

Drag Queen

Tip Tuesday

Let’s be honest, waiting for your nails to dry is one of the most painful things ever. You always realize you need to go to the bathroom, or that you need to take something out of a bag, or almost anything else that you could’ve done before you made your hands unable to get things done for several minutes. 74 more words


Mitsubishi Maintenance Tips

Washing, waxing, and detailing, the three things every Mitsubishi driver knows too well. As a Mitsubishi driver, you would do anything for your car, including spending a whole day just cleaning it! 296 more words


Tip Tuesday: Keeping Your Eyeshadow in Place

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Here is your tip for the day: To make your eye shadow stay put all day apply your under eye concealer to your eyelid as well, and then set it with a powder before applying any other product to your eyes. 109 more words


Tip Tuesday! -- Dont Forget Who You Are!

One of the most important things that I have ever been told and learned was to never forget who I am. Don’t forget that we are all entertainers wearing close to 5 pounds of makeup! 47 more words

Drag Queen

Tip Tuesday: Reorganize Your Pinterest Boards to Find Things Easier and Reduce Bloat

Recently, I clicked on the “person” icon to go to my personal Pinterest information.  I have 17,00 pins, 14 likes, 1,000 followers, and I’m following 2, 200 pinners.   470 more words

Tip Tuesday

"Is It On Sale?"

“Is it on sale?” This was a question my mom repeatedly asked me before a purchase was made. She even wrote me a poem once and lines within the poem were “never buy it unless it’s been marked down twice.” Today when I visit with her, she is quick to show me a new purchase that was bought on sale. 338 more words