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Tip of the Week: Zaption and interactive videos

I’ll be honest. I heard from a teacher in Medicine Lodge a few weeks ago about a tool called Zaption, promised myself that I’d check it out later, and then completely forgot all about. 729 more words


photography is like video games

Dang, evening light is gorgeous! I didn’t have a camera, though. Darn! At least I had an excuse (I was mowing someone’s lawn). But anyway, like the title says, photography is kinda like video games, if it’s your hobby that is. 161 more words


UV recordings of the skin: Tom Leveritt’s "How The Sun Sees You"

Whether in form of photos or videos, UV recordings always show us an aspect of reality invisible to our eyes. Shooting his latest video, which is embedded below, the videographer… 160 more words


The Joints In Animations

Let’s joint.

Or speak about joints. Those irritating things which are always broken and you can’t live without. Same facts pertains to joints in animations. 264 more words

Game Art

Alternatif Komunikasi Murah Meriah via Telkomsel dan Skype

Berbagai cara komunikasi murah meriah saat ini hadir. Bagaimana kita memanfaatkannya dengan maksimal..? Berikut pengalaman saya dalam menggunakan komunikasi telepon murmer Amerika-Indonesia.

Untuk telepon dari Indonesia ke Amerika saya pakai cara gampang dari hp ke nomor Amerika dengan memanfaatkan layanan SLI 01017 (dari Telkomsel). 296 more words

Tip Dan Trik

Reporting iMessage SPAM

Little did I know that Apple had a way to report SPAM on the Messages app.

It’s all right here.

And it involves taking a bunch of screen shots and sending them to imessage.spam@icloud.com.