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Foodie Friday!

Just a quick tip today! Sometimes when you’re traveling, you don’t always have the time, inclination or the money to go out to eat. Here are some good snack or meal options if you want a taste of the local culture without breaking your budget. 215 more words


Be flexible with your wedding date. We’d hate for you to lose the venue if your dreams just because the dates don’t match up.

Want to make your lipstick last all night? Don’t want to leave stains on those cups? Then here is a tip that will help you! After you have applied your lipstick, hold a tissue over your lips and lightly dust translucent powder over the tissue, and your done! 13 more words


Your Body On: Diet Soda

I see many people who are trying to lose weight that drink diet soda like it’s water, but what they don’t know is that diet soda can actually make you gain more weight than regular soda. 205 more words


Writing Tip: Create real characters

Writing Tip: Create real characters. Make your characters human—give them nervous tics, phobias, a funny way of messing up clichés. Some of the most memorable stories have three-dimensional characters that readers can feel strongly about in some way. 66 more words

Creative Talents Unleashed

little tip

If you are set on buying something (specifically photo equipment), it is a good idea not to any more research on that topic. If you do, you might find a better product out of your budget, or a niggling flaw that shouldn’t concern you but does.

Random Thoughts

Small Batch Brewing: Lab-grade Yeast Pitching Rate: Part 1, What is Pitch Rate?

Pitching rate is an important factor in the brewing process. Although not the only variable in clean fermentation, pitching rate plays a key role in lag-time, attenuation, and yeast-derived flavor production. 905 more words

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