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Online Charity Auction Pro-tip: Uniqueness Sells

So when preparing charity online auctions, remember this pro-tip: uniqueness sells. Also, don’t forget that the eBay Giving Works Program offers an easy way to sell your hard-to-find goods to willing buyers all over the world. 7 more words


Did Tiny Permanently Change Her Eye Color?

While filming “Meet The Blacks” Tiny is sporting new blueish-grey eyes that were once her natural color of dark brown.  Many people are questioning if she did have a permanent procedure called Artificial Iris Implant. 132 more words

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How to Free Download KMPlayer for iOS 8

KMPlayer is an outstanding free encoding media player specially designed for playing various videos/movies in formats AVI, MP4, FLV, MPEG, WMV, MOV, HD M2TS/MTS etc, and even 3D, 4K, UHD videos. 395 more words


MBQ: What's The Nicest Thing A Stranger Ever Did For You? Or You Ever Did For A Stranger?

Matthew’s Burning Question: What’s the nicest thing a stranger ever did for you? Or you ever did for a stranger?

WADE DAVIS is a relief pitcher for the… 256 more words


Corn Chorizo Tacos + Prep Tip

Corn Chorizo Tacos

If I believed in “30-minute meals” this would fall right smack dab into that category.

However, unless you have elves*, washing, prepping, chopping and organizing ingredients in your kitchen, there are very few meals that actually take only 30 minutes from start to finish. 305 more words


Writing Tip: Why Poetry Has No Boundaries

Writing Tip: Why Poetry Has No Boundaries

The best advice I could give any poet is that almost everything is (or can be) poetry. The field is wide open. 102 more words