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[20140919] Instapaper 무료화

지난번 리뷰에서 소개했던 Instapaer 앱이 드디어  무료화됨.

이제 2개의 선택지가 생겨서 Pocket에는 개인용/InstaPaper에는 업무용과 같은 분류가 가능해짐.

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TSM and removable USB disks

IBMs Tivoli Storage Manager is one of the best and worst backup systems I have ever used. It’s kinda of like using a chainsaw to cut butter – wrong but just soo good. 804 more words


UFC Fight Night 52: Hunt vs Nelson Full Predictions and Bets

Alright, with less than 24 hours to go to UFC Fight Night 52: Hunt vs Nelson, we’re here with one more free pick and to let you know we have 2 paid underdog picks available on our… 344 more words


3er tip de la semana

Hola hola! Aquí el 3er tip de belleza de la semana. La autora de People Style Watch nos dice, que el look de cabello que estará muy de moda en otoño es el Mod Hair. 51 more words

Tipday-Thursday! Watch the Grazing!

‘Ello :)

This week is a note on something I used to do all the time… And I mean ALL the time. Grazing…

Eating when you’re bored or snacking on food as you’re preparing it – no matter how healthy the food seems can add up to being an unhealthy intake. 61 more words


My Biggest Tip

A question that I get quite often is how did I manage to successfully finish community college in a year and how I got into all the schools I applied to. 597 more words

Linux CLI hints

Basics of groups and accounts

/etc/group tells about the group settings (which users belong to which groups) and /etc/passwd handles the user settings. The root settings in passwd file are: 4,045 more words