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Thoughts For Your Hole by Smith Q. Johns

Excerpts from The Big Book of Dying Wishes

I don’t often review books but I found this to be such a touching display of the dark and sad. 437 more words


How Much Freedom Of Speech Should We Have?

Welcome back to 2015 motherfuckers! It’s kinda like exactly the same as 2014 but in a new hat. Hope you had a good Christmas or Chanukah or whatever the fuck you been doing the last couple of weeks. 2,264 more words

The Tipper Gore Dirty Dozen

We, here, at Son of Byford are not the biggest fans of censorship, specifically, when it comes to making music. We think artists should have a pretty wide berth when doing what they love and making their art. 1,628 more words

The List

Memory Monday-Every Rose Has Its Thorns

Memory Monday—It’s a thing…

In 1985, this thing called the Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC) was formed. On the surface, they wanted to give parents more control over what their children listened to especially if the music was violent, sexual, or contained lyrics about drugs. 652 more words

Memory Monday