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Jello Biafra—High Priest of Harmful Matter: Tales from the Trial (1989)


Produced by Biafra. Edited by John Cuniberti at Hyde Street Studios, San Francisco. Recorded live on one of those DAT machines that certain wanna-be vice presidents want to ban at Bogart’s, Long Beach, California on 14 December 1988. 527 more words


Stage Dive: Best Metal Band to Get Suspended For?

What’s that? A second consecutive football-related Stage Dive post? Yep, with just eight days left until the NFL’s regular season kicks off and having already completed two fantasy football drafts, I’m more than a little bit onboard and you should be too. 418 more words


Reason #348 Why The '80's Didn't Suck: No More Cocoons

As much as I hate to admit it, my favorite punk band (and one of the most important bands of any genre and any decade, period!) went out with a whimper instead of in a blaze of glory. 256 more words

Dead Kennedys

bizarroMUSIC: MINAJ - a word from Tipper Gore Jr.

These are the actual ‘lyrics’ to a ‘song’ by someone called Nicki Minaj – minge? mirage? something…

now, I am all for the repetitive banalities of pop music lyrics, I enjoy a little ‘she loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah’ and ‘da-doo-doo-da-da-doo-doo-de, etc.’ ‘baby, baby, ad nauseum’ I understand this is what makes pop music ‘pop’ as it were, what makes it sell, and what makes us brainless clones gurgle it quietly to ourselves while sitting in traffic (on a side note: “EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!!!”)… 254 more words


Birthdays:Pull Out The Sax--Its Bill Clinton's Birthday

He may be the only candidate–to become a President–who played a saxophone on a late night talk show. But that is what Bill Clinton did on Arsenio Hall’s Show–complete with sunglasses ala Blues Brothers. 85 more words



August 19 in history:

Many countries have experienced dramatic changes in leadership on August 19th …

This date is considered Independence Day in Afghanistan, marking the day in 1919 when the country broke away from the United Kingdom. 112 more words

Today In History

Wertfrei Wednesday: Depression and Suicide

The Month of August ‘Wertfrei Wednesday’ posts were going to be about returning to school issues facing Mom’s, Dads, undergraduate and post graduate education. With the very public discovery and reporting of Robin Williams’ suicide, we can’t help but discuss the correlation. 267 more words