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Where Are Today’s Culture Cops?

If the Internet is to blame for social calamities from Justin Bieber to the #humblebrag, it gets at least some credit for killing off the morality police. 980 more words

2 Live Crew

General Hooker - Civil War Legend

Sometimes bizarre people get powerful, shocking right, I know. I am not talking Hitler, he still brings about some frowns when writers try to get all satirical about the amphetamine addicted, syphilis afflicted, artistically challanaged mad man. 794 more words


Jello Biafra—High Priest of Harmful Matter: Tales from the Trial (1989)


Produced by Biafra. Edited by John Cuniberti at Hyde Street Studios, San Francisco. Recorded live on one of those DAT machines that certain wanna-be vice presidents want to ban at Bogart’s, Long Beach, California on 14 December 1988. 527 more words


Stage Dive: Best Metal Band to Get Suspended For?

What’s that? A second consecutive football-related Stage Dive post? Yep, with just eight days left until the NFL’s regular season kicks off and having already completed two fantasy football drafts, I’m more than a little bit onboard and you should be too. 418 more words