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Frank Zappa's warning label

I was viewing some Frank Zappa interviews a little while ago and remembered him talking about the warning label he put on some of his albums such as  216 more words


Censorship: The Failure of Democrats

Democrats serving on the Federal Election Commission (FEC) supervisory board, recently voted to censor internet bloggers if they talk about politics.  http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/oct/24/fec-democrat-pushes-controls-internet-political-sp/

This is a return to the days of Tipper Gore censoring music released in the 90’s with parental advisory labels.  83 more words


Where Are Today’s Culture Cops?

If the Internet is to blame for social calamities from Justin Bieber to the #humblebrag, it gets at least some credit for killing off the morality police. 980 more words


General Hooker - Civil War Legend

Sometimes bizarre people get powerful, shocking right, I know. I am not talking Hitler, he still brings about some frowns when writers try to get all satirical about the amphetamine addicted, syphilis afflicted, artistically challanaged mad man. 794 more words