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What I'm reading: Weekend edition

It’s the weekend! Of course that means it’s time to grab a coffee and snuggle up on the couch with five fascinating articles on social media journalism. 127 more words


8 Foods That Help Your Hair Grow Faster

Whether you’re in the midst of trying to recover your strands from a misguided cut or simply want longer locks, you may have a hard time patiently waiting for your hair to grow. 512 more words


Kitchen Essentials

I thought the first thing I should do is list the things I have in my kitchen that I absolutely couldn’t live without.

There are no fancy gadgets or expensive store cupboard ingredients because quite frankly I neither have the money or the storage capacity for them! 453 more words


You Can Now Pay Important People To Listen To Your Music

It’s always been one of the biggest difficulties for an independent musician: how to get their music heard by ‘important people.’ Influencers. Industry people. Celebrities. Bloggers. 876 more words

Interesting Stuff

Winter Weather Driving Tips

Did you know that we partnered with GEICO to bring you discounts on insurance as well as safer driving tips? Well, we did! We asked them to give us some advice to pass along to you on how to best prepare for winter driving. 739 more words


For Your Netflix: Noah

After hearing mixed reviews, I didn’t expect this film to be good but after it got going I found that I didn’t dislike it, although it did get a tad preachy at times. 16 more words


For Your Netflix: A Million Ways To Die In The West

In a nutshell: Family Guy crossed with a Western. I’m not entirely sure that it worked- the storyline could have been tighter for one thing. However, I did make me chuckle on multiple occasions.