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Player Tip #5 - On Absentia

The past few weeks have been a hectic time for the Thirdwalling staff.  The turmoil has reminded us of one unequivocal fact:  Life happens.  Whether it’s schoolwork piling up, vacations, family obligations or stress from the day job; players will occasionally miss a game session.   870 more words


Would you really like a drink or three?

I’m often curious about the association between people and alcohol. Maybe it is because it is something that doesn’t really agree with my body. Whether I like that or not. 1,266 more words



To remove glitter nail paint, soak cotton in nail polish remover and wrap it over your nail for 2 minutes. This will loosen it and then normally remove your nailpaint. 


10 beauty mistakes I used to make

In the spirit of Back To School I wanted to kind of do a fun informative post today. This is going to be 10 beauty mistakes I used to make and tips on how to fix them. 1,777 more words

Back To School Essentials!

With school just around the corner for me and a lot of other people, I decided to share some of my back to school essentials!! … 148 more words


One month on

I thought that I ought to jot down some thoughts and feelings of how it has been one month on after losing someone close. As I never know someone may stumble on this post and it may give them some comfort knowing others feel the same as them or have been through similar lost. 257 more words


Try new makeup without spending a dollar

Do you ever find yourself in a makeup rut where you are sick of the products that, just the other day, you were obsessed over? I get the urge to try new products and extend my collection even further however old Mr Bank Balance doesn’t approve. 293 more words