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Sql Server: How to create PRIMARY KEY without CLUSTERED Index

Quick one today:

On a table, we could create Clustered and NonClustered indexes. Each table can only have 1 clustered index, but multiple nonclustered index. 199 more words


The Soul of Cassiopeia

The Soul Nebula glows from within the constellation of Cassiopeia the Queen.

I shot this image last night, capturing an object prosaically known as IC 1848, but more popularly called the Soul Nebula. 260 more words

Alan Dyer

Quick Tip: Homemade Ghee (clarified butter)

Welcome to your new favorite fat: Ghee!

Ghee is a form of clarified butter, which is just butter without the milk/dairy solids in it. It’s those solids that cause butter to scorch at a high temperature, which is why butter is not your best bet for sautéing or frying at high temperatures. 511 more words


Sql Server INSERT data into an IDENTITY column with SET IDENTITY_INSERT ON

Quick one today:

Rare, but sometimes, there is a need to INSERT specific values into a table that has an IDENTITY specified on one of the columns. 106 more words


Underlining a Silk Jacket

I’ve had this beautiful silk fabric for a very long time.  Since I’ve started teaching a tailoring class, I thought I’d work on this piece to make a jacket, Vogue 2174.   580 more words

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I’ve been invited to a Blog Hop

I am really honored that someone liked enough of what I wrote about to nominate me for a Blog Hop. I am not really familiar with blog hops. 1,033 more words


Getting ready for the Christening

The invitations have been sent out, and we are expecting around 50 people to come along. 80 wraps (lamb, chicken and falafel), baklava and fresh fruit are coming from… 557 more words

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