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Sql Server : SET ROWCOUNT limitations

Quick one today:

In our production code, there are several incidents where “SET ROWCOUNT” was implemented. Over the years, code has evolved with involvement from different developers and they might have made decisions to use this as an immediate fix for the issue at hand. 150 more words


Dogecoin Faucets: At a glance

Welcome back! The majority of the articles so far have focussed on Bitcoin, so I decided to do a rundown of some of the best Dogecoin faucets around! 252 more words

High Paying

Sql Server : Retrieve the next 'n' records after 'm' using OFFSET & FETCH.

Question: Paging through records

Quite often, when paging through a large set of records, we display a set of records at a time on user interface. 266 more words


DON'T PANIC! One Week Until Christmas: Tips to Help You Cope

If you’re cooking the Christmas dinner this year why not give yourself the best present of all, an easy time! It’s just one day, it’s not really that much more effort than an ordinary roast dinner, and it is ok to cheat if it’ll make the cook calmer and happier. 391 more words


Sql Server : IGNORE_DUP_KEY setting influences UNIQUE Index and non-UNIQUE index behavior

Interesting topic today.

When you create UNIQUE constraint on a table, to prevent any duplicate records, there are a couple of options.

  1. Create UNIQUE INDEX with necessary columns…
  2. 810 more words

Delicious Layers in a Slow Journal

I’ve been working in an 8.5″x11″ water color sketchbook this week that I have termed my “slow journal.” In this journal the backgrounds come first and with no purpose in mind, then the pages develop over time based on whatever is around me when the urge hits. 409 more words

Art Journals

My new eBook on Nightscapes & Time-Lapse Photography

I’m pleased to announce my new ebook, How to Photograph and Process Nightscapes and Time-Lapses

The ebook describes —

How to shoot and process still image “nightscapes” – images of landscapes taken at night by the light of the Moon or stars … and … 564 more words

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