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Reflect on this

By Sue Fenwick

Because I quilt and cross stitch, I often find that my thoughts mingle in the two areas. I will be thinking about a cross-stitch motif and wondering how it could be appliqu├ęd or pieced in fabric, or musing about a quilt, and my mind will wander onto the topic of cross stitch. 571 more words

Sue Fenwick

Swirling Stars at a Star Party

The stars of the northern sky swirl in circles around the North Star.

This is admittedly a fanciful effect but an attractive one. The above image records the rotating night sky as it spins around the north celestial pole near Polaris. 106 more words

Alan Dyer

Panoramas of the Summer Milky Way

The Milky Way spans the sky on a summer night at a dark-sky star party.

What a fabulous weekend! For the last few nights I’ve enjoyed the skies and hospitality of the… 279 more words

Alan Dyer

Right Tool for the Job - Philips or JIS

Back when the club had and an actual newsletter there was an occasional feature called Tips and Techniques. These were handy tips passed on to HCH members that were found on the net. 259 more words

Tips And Techniques

Sql Server : How to query the edition or license level of Sql Server

Quick one today:

More frequently that I would like, we keep getting these questions from customers. “What Sql Server Edition do we have in our production / Development environment? 176 more words


Surround yourself with People

Surround yourself with people who know your worth. You do not need too many people to make you happy, just a few real ones who appreciate you for exactly who you are.

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Charred Tomatoes: How to

Charring tomatoes gives a flavour boost and adds a slight smokiness to the tomatoes without having them collapse.

Simple to do, the tomatoes are a great addition to salads, hot roasted vegetable salads, soups and on their own as a side dish.