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Convert PerfMon blg files into csv

Quick one today:

A few days ago, one of your customers, upon request, sent us their Perfmon files from their database server. We have a template to capture all pertinent Sql Server metrics from PerfMon that we provide to all our customers. 115 more words


How do you talk to nature?

I am taking three circles this year on my new path of discovery about myself, and each one is very enlightening in its own way. Every month we have what we call ‘at homework’ and each circle seems related with what work we are to do. 691 more words

Akashic Records

Sql Server: Some differences between Temp tables and Table variables

Quick one today:

Temporary tables and table variables are a great addition in Sql Server. Pretty much every database code take advantage of this feature, for right reasons. 185 more words


A Lesson on Blinkies

Above you see a photo of a Johnstone’s Whistling Frog that I created in Port Antonio, Jamaica. This was the first image that I created of these lovely little frogs during my stay in Jamaica. 284 more words


Putting the 'student' in the pilot is an academic exercise it seems!

So, here I am after an enforced 5 week sabbatical from practical flight lessons in favour of a period of study and reflection (which means looking in the mirror and seeing a really useless, old and slightly overweight student pilot staring back at me! 1,163 more words


Questions for Literary Agent Shannon O'Neill

by Carolee Noury

Writers know that it’s a good idea to get to know agents before pitching to and/or querying them. In that spirit, here’s an opportunity to meet… 646 more words

General Interest

Sql Server: OPENXML (sample T-SQL querying techniques using OPENXML)

Sql Server, starting from 2005, has extensive methods to parse, slice & dice XML files. Before that, for DBA’s, XML is not a favorite topic — especially from T-SQL point of view. 450 more words