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100 Things to Buy Before the Baby Arrives

I like to plan. I like to be organised. I like lists.

So when I was pregnant with Molly I made lists for everything. Things I couldn’t forget (baby brain didn’t help!), things I needed to buy, and stuff I had to organise incase baby came early – I started all my lists when I was about two months pregnant, but like I said, I… 555 more words

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Sql Server: Update 'Auto Created' Statistics and all statistics on a table

Recently, at one of our customer sites, we noticed this interesting anomaly.

In this database, there are several tables and each table has several statistics. Statistics could be created in several ways. 453 more words


Do you love shopping?

The weekend is coming. What are your plans? It may surprise you that half of all UK women and one in four men consider shopping to be fun. 563 more words

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Things can get Crepe-y without being Scary

Pardon the pun but this tutorial is to help bring this concept to life.

Crepes are one of those things that have long been given great mystique and fear for the home cook and even some of the most seasoned chefs. 612 more words


Magic Chocolate Frosting

It was a week of unintended consequences.

I loaned my daughter my car, and her sweet cat peed and pooped in it. I made cookies jammed with expensive ingredients (gluten-free flour, dried cherries, chunks of good-quality bittersweet chocolate, large coconut flakes), but the pepitas also called for turned out to be tough and stale and made the things inedible. 450 more words


Getting Started with Timelapse Photography by Richard Harrington

DSLRs can produce amazing photos and video… but how about compelling video created from hundreds of still images? In this seminar you’ll learn how to create dynamic time-lapse video and use photographic techniques to achieve amazing dynamic range and super high resolution. 107 more words

Tips And Techniques

An Introduction to HDR Photography by Alan Kesselhaut

In this session, Alan Kesselhaut will teach you about the gear, camera set-up and shooting techniques associated with HDR Photography. As well as a demonstration of HDR processing software, and post processing.

Tips And Techniques