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Phone Photography

Kita Mulai Dengan Foto Macro Dulu..  Fotografi makro adalah fotografi dengan jarak sangat dekat untuk mendapatkan detail yang tinggi namun tidak memerlukan bantuan alat pembesar optik seperti mikroskop. 237 more words


Tip #41 | Smart Page Address Formatting

Ok, enough about these Design Patterns. Time for a real tip you can start using in 3 minutes.

We all know that pages use more real estate than classic forms and we are limmited to two columns. 140 more words

Tips And Tricks

How to Get the Most Out of Google AdWords For 2015 - Webs Teach

Some would say if you are at the moment searching to guidelines for 2015, then you’re behind the popularity and behind your competitors. But it’s better late than never. 35 more words

Tips & Tricks, week 6

Want fancy looking clear ice cubes, but all you get is cloudy ones? Want to bake a banana cake, but your bananas aren’t ripe enough? Or do you want evenly cut potatoes? 201 more words


Star Wars X-Wing - Part 2

In part 1 we set our reference images and created the basic fuselage shape. Now in part 2 of this tutorial series we will model the major features of the wings and align them also with our reference imagery.


Cutting Corners

I remember when I first started teaching myself to sew, the thought of cutting into my freshly sewn together projects completely freaked me out… I thought, “Why in the world would I want to take the chance of messing this up after working so hard to put it together!”. 376 more words


Things I love - from Food to Bedding & Everything in between

I hate to waste money, because of this it takes me forever to find what I like.  I’ll give you an example, when we finally upgraded to a king size bed we actually slept with the mattress on the floor for over a year before we found furniture we both liked.   1,191 more words

Tips And Tricks