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Tricky Tuesday: How to Deodorize Your Fridge

Did you have those moments that after cleaning your fridge, you still have those smelly something? You have already discarded everything unpleasant, so you are wondering where the smell comes from? 361 more words

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Difference between two times formula in Excel

In short, times in Excel are decimal numbers between 0 and 1 that show you the percentage of the day that has past. Now with that in mind let’s calculate two differences between Arrivals and Departures. 256 more words


How To Hack A 2go Account

Hey there,this is another tweak for you,really rocking—How To Hack A 2go Account

I recently posted how to hack a 2go account with the person’s username only—I will advice you to check it here—> 221 more words

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OS X Yosemite hidden features

”Since OS X Yosemite was released in October, I’ve been hunting around for those cheeky little Easter eggs that Apple like to sneak in,” Russell Harris writes for Amsys. 85 more words


10 Food Staples You Can Make Better and Cheaper at Home

Many simple foods are not only easy to make at home, they’ll likely be cheaper, healthier, and much tastier than the store-bought varieties. From cheese to peanut butter, here are a few DIY, delicious food projects.

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Tips And Tricks

New Years Resolutions and How To Keep Them

New Year’s Resolutions. They are something we all make (or want to make) but we never seem to see them through. When I was younger, I made many different resolutions, but never kept them because it took too much effort. 360 more words

Motorola Now Rolling Out Android 5.0.1 Update On Moto G (First and Second Gen )

Motorola continues to impress with its software update urgency, with both the first and second generation Moto G models now being treated to the latest Android 5.0.1 update. 72 more words