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Oxymoron - the birthplace of brilliant

Jeanine McDonnell, daughter of former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, says that her mother has a “mild obsession” with another man.

Mild lives in detergent adverts. Obsession gets draped around designer perfume. 395 more words

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Five architect's jewels for your next presentation

by Peter Paskale

Dramatic business presentations don’t require drama. They’re better off without it. Drama is showy and blowy and overstated. It instantly puts the audience on their guard. 596 more words

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How to handle an ambush? With respect

In fairness to Representative King, he was trapped. Two determined DREAMers, Erika Andiola and Cesar Vargas, had him cornered – completely hemmed-in, half-way through a hamburger. 620 more words

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The Straw Man Fallacy

by Peter Paskale

As the big bad wolf will gladly confirm, it’s way easier to blow-down a house of straw.

And so it is with arguments. 497 more words

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Janet Yellen's Double-Bluff of Darkness

by Peter Watts Paskale

Speaking slowly and clearly is the best way to help someone to understand you, right?

Wrong. Speaking slowly and clearly, and especially speaking slowly and clearly in a monotone, is the best way to throw someone’s concentration off. 420 more words

Tips From The Top

Tips From The Top

Meet leaders and new up and coming stars! Hear who they are, why this company, why this team and what they… 66 more words

It’s the good advice that you just didn’t take…

I put my hand inside the cupboard, which I’d packed with treasures and keepsakes, then locked when I left my parents’ home. The cupboard remained closed because I had misplaced (okay, lost) the key. 617 more words

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