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How To Shred Chicken...The Easy Way!

I can’t wait to tell you about this awesome trick I recently discovered! This is the absolute, without a doubt, easiest way to shred chicken and have it be consistent. 262 more words


Configuring the "Run With" Menu for SideBarEnhancements

I recently posted an article about how to get going with Sublime Text 3 and I mentioned that I use the SideBarEnhancements package. I thought it might be useful to make a post about setting up this one package as there are a few things I needed to do to get it going. 387 more words


Green Granola

Today’s quick tip: Have some leftover green smoothie from yesterday morning (or made extra on purpose)? Just top with granola and enjoy! Extra brownie points for adding hemp seeds, maca, or a drizzle of coconut milk  : )


T-SQL Script: Using COALESCE function to make values separated with commas

Hi Friends,

On demand of my friend, please find below the very simple T-SQL statement to concatenate the table’s column value in a single-row (text value) using comma-separated value: 77 more words

MS SQL Server


Boston weather is finally warming up (for the moment..) and what a better way to start the season than a shabby chic furniture project!

I started by purchasing  an old cupboard from a local thrift store for about $10.   355 more words


Stress Less With This At-Home Ritual

Did you know Today is National Stress Awareness Day? Stress less with this at-home ritual: Stress can cause problems for both your mind & body. Excessive stress can lead to a compromised immune system and, therefore, cause you to be sick more often. 143 more words


Death matches - Busting caps for beginners

Wake up… time to die

So in the last blog we covered the basics of dodging the grim reapers scythe, and although I will be adding further pointers to that, the theme for this article is about the less subtle art of blowing somebody away! 1,246 more words

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