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Ektron ContentType Enum's integer Values

Need to know integer value for Ektron ContentTypes Enum – Here is the list

Content Constants

CMSContentType_AllTypes: -1

CMSContentType_Content: 1

CMSContentType_Forms: 2

CMSContentType_Archive_Content: 3

CMSContentType_Archive_Forms: 4… 38 more words


Guideline for a steady online cash game

Whether you are a professional or a recreational player, cash game is what should help you building your bankroll because of its steadiness.

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Beauty Tip

Green, copper, burgundy, purple and brown are perfect eyeshadow colors for tinted girls.


Excel Shortcut Keys

This article describes what Key Tips are and how you can use them to access the ribbon. It also lists Ctrl combination shortcut keys, function keys, and some other common shortcut keys for Microsoft Excel 2013. 2,560 more words


Making Açaí Bowls at Home

Açaí has been renowned for it’s super antioxidant properties, rich in vitamins, good fats, and high protein content. Not only that, it’s also extremely delicious… We’ve all heard about the Amazonian superfruit berry, in smoothies, chocolates, and other super delicious healthy treats. 554 more words


How to do your laundry to keep you clothes looking new

How to do your laundry to keep you clothes looking new

Doing your laundry is possibly one of the least glamorous parts of fashion, but if you want to get the most out of your favorite clothes and get to wear them for years, then it’s essential to know how to wash your clothes to keep them bright, soft, and looking like new for longer. 390 more words


Use this Google Now trick to add countdown timers to important events

One of the best things about Google Now is that it literally gives us no excuse to miss or be late for important events. Not only does it give you reminders about when your events are but it also gives you traffic reports that will help you find the fastest route to your event’s destination. 171 more words

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