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The Importance Of Acquiring Permission Before Sampling Music

I know a good amount of producers who use samples in their music. Many of them are vinyl (record) collectors who dig through older records to find samples, and incorporate them into their production. 966 more words

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How to use Skype for desktop Gaming

Reliable, secure communication is essential for any dedicated gamer, and with the latest version of Skype for Windows, Mac, and Linux, we’ve got you and your teammates covered when it counts. 356 more words



Assalamualaikum. Bertemu lagi di entry bahagian kedua untuk tajuk Ciri-Ciri Seorang Blogger Yang Berjaya. Telah saya jelaskan 4 perkara pada entry yang lepas, maka untuk entry kali ini saya akan berkongsi lagi 4 ciri-ciri yang harus anda teladani demi meraih kejayaan didalam dunia blogging. 466 more words

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Hugo and the Spooky House

The first substantial prize you can craft is Hugo, a new character for your town. He comes with his own quest line, “The Good Son” 339 more words


Sounds - Out of this World - NASA's New Sound Library

Image Courtesy Pixabay

These are the sounds out of the world. If you are like me and you like sci-fi, space, you will share this common excitement, you probably would have said ‘Huston, we hav’d a problem’. 35 more words


Happy Diwali !!

Wish you all a happy, safe & prosperous Diwali :)


DIY... Chocolate Milk!

If you are anything like I am, waiting until Lewis Creamery can start selling their Whittakers chocolate milk down here seems impossible. So why not make your own in the meantime. 97 more words

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