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Sylvester's cat

Sylvester wandered the pet shop, peering into each of the cages as he passed. He wasn’t sure what exactly he was looking for, but thought that when he found it, he would recognise it. 539 more words

Using Prompts

It Begins With Words

Ksenia Anske is kind of my hero.

I’m actually live chatting with her as I type (*SWOON*) because she agreed to do a Happy Hour in our… 264 more words


The Value of Expat & Travel Writing

From the age of 14 I wanted to live in Japan. It was all I could think about, and I’d spend hours every day dreaming about the day I could move there.  840 more words


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And Writing Around the World is up in full swing! Monday featured Charlotte, from Sherbet and Sparkles, with The Value of Travel & Expat Writing.

The Last Counseling Session of Mr. and Mrs. Jacobs

Deacon Reynolds leaned back in his leather office chair, the image of relaxed authority. Determined not to make eye contact, he steadied his gaze on the second hand of the clock just behind his parishioner’s heads. 425 more words


Writing Around The World

You may remember me mentioning the fact that I rekindled my love for writing when I started my first blog, From Casinos To Castles. This blog was created as a way to document my journey of taking a huge leap of faith in becoming an expatriate. 335 more words


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The Tipsy Lit feature this month is all about expats and travel writers! Make sure to check out new posts daily, Monday-Friday, and see which of your favorite expats wrote something fabulous!

The Last Demon Hunt - Tipsy Lit

The Last Demon Hunt

Demons are real.

Curiously, it was science that proved these magical, mythical creatures really exist. It was the invention of hyperspace travel that did it. 557 more words

Short Fiction

Good and evil first impressions

On Wednesday 12th September, Alice arrived home to find that the front door was ajar.
That’s odd, she thought, hoping everything was okay.
Alice shared a house with her brother, Alex. 429 more words

Using Prompts