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Prompted: Choices, Choices -- Long way down

Yuu jumped to another grated walkway a floor below. Ill-prepared, she landed hard and cursed as her knees collided with metal. Hissing, she leaned forward against the pain from her knees and ribcage. 474 more words


Until death do us part

“How can you be STUCK?!” I sign laboriously, fighting against the rising tide of frustration lapping at the insides of my stomach.

Her eyes are terrified as she shrugs and indicates (wildly – I can’t even tell where she’s pointing) the location where she thinks the snag is. 462 more words


Prompted @ Tipsy Lit | The Pomegranate

This week’s Tipsy Lit Prompted challenge piece is about big risks. Enjoy, and remember – feedback always appreciated here at manuscripts & marginalia!

Note: Word count squeaks in at 499, right under the 500-word max. 517 more words

So, this happened…..

Back in May, I submitted a short story to be considered for inclusion in the third volume of Precipice, a literary anthology put out by the writing community… 325 more words

From The Heart

Supply & Demand: A Quick Lesson in Patience

With every polite, patient customer (AKA Person Completely Aware of What I Do and The Volume of Other Customers Also in the Bar) there is one who waltzes in unannounced like Beyoncé swarmed by uptight bodyguards, rushing up to the bar and waving a twenty dollar bill like an SOS flag. 428 more words

Tipsy Lit

It's Zero Hour, and I'm a little Tipsy. I think I may up CHUK

Hello you bleeders, you melancholics, you misery addicts, come in, come in, Mistress Jessica has your fix, and you don’t even need to beg. Get up off your knees unless you’re going to get linguistically creative. 170 more words


Zero Hour

It has been 123 days since we lost communications with home; 118 days since the explosions stopped, and exactly 32 minutes since I found my wife dead. 1,109 more words