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Caring for your hamster

Female: Sow
Male: Boar
Young: Pups
Life span: 1-3 years
Litter size: 4-12 pups
Gestation period: 15-18 days
Average weight: 85-150 grams


There are over 20 different breeds of hamsters, each with their own individual markings and colours. 599 more words


Kitten behaviour

Make sure your kitten is handled daily and has lots of contact with you. Teach them from an early age to allow you to look in their mouths and ears, feel their paws and examine their entire body for problems. 212 more words


Is Fear Pathological?

2013 was a lousy year for running in my life. I kicked off the year with a persistent tendon injury in my foot which forced me off the road for a few months. 1,212 more words

Creative Reality

Crafting Show.

On Friday I went with some friends to the Creative Crafts show at Five Lakes, near Tiptree, Essex. It is the first time I have been to a large show… 201 more words


Caring for your corn snake


Life-span:  15-20 years
Adult size:  4-5 feet long


Corn snakes should be kept in a vivarium, allowing a minimum of one square foot of floor space for every foot of the snake’s length, and should be at least one third of the snake’s length in height.  1,451 more words