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6 Things to Help you get through "Survivalville"

Here are a couple of tips if you are wading through the waters of sleepless nights, sickness, trials or another difficultly that is placing you in the city of survivallville. 674 more words


Summer means thunderstorms.  I like them.  However I don’t appreciate their timing.  They always start right at bedtime!  C’mon…I am tired and so are the kids.   127 more words

Crossing the Line

As a family we have drawn lines in the sand (metaphorically speaking)  to establish rules and guidelines of behavior.  It’s these boundaries that ensure that we understand each other and respect one another as individuals and human beings. 606 more words

Raising Kids

My Muttercrumb

Approximately 8:30 pm at the end of one long, tired-Mommah night.

She’d finished brushing her teeth and was looking in the mirror.

“…But, I it’s just a little eyeshadow – it’s not even blue, it’s, like, practically skin-color!” negotiated LMNOP. 129 more words