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Are you getting enough sleep?

Sleep is so important for our overall health, yet most of us do not get enough of it. I know I am guilty of trying to squeeze one more thing into my day instead of getting to bed at a decent hour. 584 more words


Realities of parenthood: perpetual exhaustion edition

Evelyn woke up cheerfully at 5:40 this morning. I rolled my saggy, aching body out of bed and started the day, practically doing a zombie-walk to the kitchen to make my coffee. 508 more words


A Sunday Blessing for the Tired Mom

Blessed is the body that jolts awake the minute the tiny feet hit the floor at 5:34 AM (for the 3rd morning in a row)… 298 more words


P31 Juice

I am so tired I can barely keep my eyes open and yet they are wide as a deer’s!! I sometimes think to myself, what am I running on?? 289 more words

Hey exhausted moms, have you ever heard of a Sleep Coach?

Hi friends (sleepy moms in particular),

The post below is not my voice. It is a good friend of mine. She posted this personal story on her Facebook a couple days ago and I thought it was so honest and interesting, I just had to repost! 836 more words


Well,  I’m 29 weeks into this 4th pregnancy with 11 left to go. I woke up this morning feeling exhausted from crap sleep due to keeping late hours working on projects for my high school reunion (which is tomorrow… yikes! 88 more words