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Chinese and Stress

Today I am so tired and I haven’t done much of anything. I think it is because I was so stressed out yesterday. August 26th is the birthday of two of my immediate family members – my father and my youngest sister. 1,115 more words


Washed Up

Washed up
Worn out
Should not
Be here

Ocean spray
Resting place
Washed up

Damn it
Ocean whispered
Keep swimming

Washed up
Not today… 11 more words

Dark Poetry

Indefatigably Fatigued

It’s amazing how useful some skills in life are and how not-so-useful others are. The ability to prioritize, for example, is probably one of the biggest things you could imagine needing to survive this crazy and weird world. 537 more words

Such is the magic of being at a end of a rope

Many people would think this is a very negative place to be. To be so beat down and tired to not be able to even find the will to run and hide in to things you loved. 74 more words

Such Is Magic

08-25 Angry August


put his fingers,

in my,


and pulled,

teasing me,



with pleasure,

while the sweat,


his pits,


my eyes,

this is love,

he laughs,

of summer.

This week turned into a working week

I have worked 2 days already and it seems I am tomorrow to. I was real tired today. I wasn’t allowed my break today. So I had to work until I could go home. 65 more words


Self-inflicted pain: Withdrawal Day #3

Recently, I got on the be-better bandwagon, and subsequently started 7 day challenges. Last week was getting up an hour earlier, to do whatever I wanted. 310 more words