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Another Dance with Insomnia

Another sleepless night and I am forced to stay awake, despite the hands on the clock telling me it’s time to go to sleep.  My mind wanders to and fro, dancing around like the nutcrackers perfecting their final routine.  1,016 more words

Merry and Bright

Thanksgiving isn’t quite here yet and I am wrapping presents for Christmas.  I found some stamp ideas on Pinterest (I am no pro, but I love making stamps).   210 more words


Development Week 1

This week was successful. I wrote a song, arranged another and wrote a different verse plus a new 2nd chorus, did some graphic work, learned and modified a dance, have an audition lined up for acting, got Japanese back on my tongue(?), stuck close to a schedule, finally stopped putting off a glasses appointment and I’m proud. 189 more words


NaNoWriMo 2014: Day 22 - 1799

Today was an incredible day. In addition to writing a decent amount (no, not enough, but that’s not unusual…), I got to watch Gabe and Abbey perform in their Lego robotics competition today. 150 more words


Work, Work, Work!

I am so tired.

Today work was crazy.

Yesterday dad and I went out and bought me some more new work clothes and then we cleaned out my car. 235 more words


Way Out

My brain is in a haze
I’m tired
I’m so damn tired
and my head hurts
and I no longer wish
to play this game… 123 more words


Who Really Cares - Really?

If you were to disappear for a day, or a week, even a month – how many people would notice? Four? Two? A dozen? Think hard because you overestimate your worth. 130 more words