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Flash back... May 6th

I found this today in my drafts it was a blog I wrote, but changed my mind not to share. I feel like I need to share it and today seemed like a good day since it has been 6 months since Harvie Sue was born. 1,822 more words

Mommy In Training

5 Tips to Avoiding “Compassion Fatigue"

Sarah Ashley – Buffalo NY

Fighting for a cause that we are passionate about and being deeply embedded in the activist lifestyle while amazing and rewarding can also be exhausting. 582 more words

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The Struggles In My Mind

Wandering within my mind
The scenes play like a film
We walk through the park
Brick path, leaves,
Holding hands as we smile
Shyly at each other. 153 more words

Poetic Piffle

A Sadness I'd Never Admit To

I’m not usually one to delve into sadness, or at least I don’t like delving into things that disturb me.  This is one of them.  It’s not the on-the-surface one with the obvious tear tracks and red eyes, or where my head is on the shoulder of someone else’s.   730 more words


Dolomites and Alps, Day 3, Part 1

Oh my… This day.

It will take more than one post to get through this day that felt like several days, several worlds.

Short version: up and down, literally and figuratively. 1,344 more words

Negative Displacement - Conversations with Johnny and Lisa

This is what me and Johnny do when we get over tired and bitcheriffic!  :D

Bad boat names. Go! –
L-  Capsizer
J – Across the Bow… 82 more words