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My brain sorting files

I can’t sleep. My brain is going crazy because of all the new experiences of the last days. It just feels like I’m exhausted but my brain is screaming “Hey!! 114 more words

Out of action

When incapacitated by a severe infection, confined to bed with a high dosage of pain killers and the most colossal antibiotics I have ever seen you are given a rare opportunity to take a break from life. 309 more words

MRT Challenge

I heard there is this cute way for our government officials to experience the pain of riding the Metro Rail Transit, the hash tag #MrtChallenge. 585 more words

Burn Out

Monday, ugh...


Today has just been a normal day. First I got up early to go to school. Monday, yuck, I do not like Mondays … After school I went home, ate some food, switching to handball clothing and went to the bus. 36 more words

My Day!

Paris - Day 7

The night before we were set to leave Paris was filled with giddy excitement, that for better or worse, we’d be back on our home turf in less than 24 hours. 973 more words

Cranky Pants

Dear forgotten blog...

Dear forgotten blog,

I’m sorry if you feel neglected. I do realize that it has been 2, maybe 3 months, since I last wrote. I think of you often. 165 more words

Mood pre Insanity Day three workout

I am tired. My body is sore and I have a headache. I know today is day three of my Insanity workouts, I just feel very drained. 140 more words