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Olly Olly Oxen Free

Olly olly oxen free
Shall I come out, please come find me
I’ve been hiding in this dark dark place
A million masks covering my face. 67 more words


How tired feels...

It has taken six months, but I’m there. I’m officially pooped!
All the balls are up in the air and I am doing my best to anticipate what happens next but at this stage I can’t get the visual of me falling dead on my arse and sleeping for 79 years out of my mind. 57 more words

Being A Parent

Tired Gaffaws & Fublunders

In an instant of extreme toddler tiredness,

my daughter asked,





Can I

Can I wear



your hee-highs?”

I would love to, if they wouldn’t ruin her back… 78 more words


Tired Of Listening

Maybe we should make a “rant” section. Last week I went to the dentist and it was awful. He s a cool dentist but they use this rubber cloth to prevent filth and pieces going the wrong places, which is great I guess but it feels like you re being murdered -and now of course I m on day seven of being a nervous wreck. 46 more words

What's Eating Me?

When there’s nothing much to do I feel so…lost in space. Sigh…why is this happening? WHY?!

I’ve just read this thing about me that my friend thought me to be..I mean, I was just..Man, I don’t know…Here I am wasting my life watching Breaking Bad as if my whole life depends on it. 359 more words



I’m back. I’m angry. I’m tired.


Wonder Woman Can't Change A Lightbulb

If God is going to continue to hate me and not send me a man who loves me and is committed to me, could he AT LEAST send me somebody to fix stuff around here? 122 more words