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Sleepy Tuesday


I slept good last night, but wow am I still tired!
I think my body is battling an infection being I still don’t feel good and this morning I woke to find a rash all over my chest. 30 more words

Why aren't you sleeping?

It’s a two cup of coffee kind of day.
I remember my friend Erin telling me when I was pregnant with my first daughter, “you’ll turn on each other in the middle of the night!” I was asking her how she handled the inevitable sleep deprivation that comes along with having a newborn. 529 more words


Invisible Among The Visibles

Hello.Been a while since I’ve blogged eh.Well,life’s just normal.Especially now school is back.==..Yeap.Everythings’ normal…Almost…Well its kinda good thing to realise that some of my friends have changed their attitude towards me in a good way.(Compared to last semester).However,at the same time,its’ also sad to accept the fact that some of them changed in a bad way.Well,what choice do I have other than just letting it be? 384 more words

About Me

Every Morning

This would probably happen to me every single day in the morning while going to college if;

1) I didn’t give a damn about embarrassing myself… 95 more words


#dblogcheck 2014 - Or, I Don't Miss Egg McMuffins

I’m new to this whole blogging thing, so when I was cruising on Twitter thinking that I should probably take a nap since Baby Imp is sleeping and came across… 1,363 more words

I Need a Break

I just feel like all of the people in my life are worn out. does anyone ever feel like that? Or maybe its me. Maybe I’m the one that’s worn out. 


The Verve were right when they said, “the drugs don’t work” and I was wrong when I said, I wouldn’t let you in anymore.
Somehow, you charged your way through every wall I built around myself and you, invaded my dreams and made mischief with my heart. 279 more words