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Stern Section of the Titanic Wreck Model

Here we can see the stern section which unlike the more intact bow section doesnt really resemble a ship,as the stern section sank it fell to the ocean floor like a stone,spinning and being torn apart by the pressures of the deep ocean. 108 more words

Traumatic Titanic Sinking

The destruction caused during the traumatic sinking,note the hull plating peeled back and interiors exposed and collapsed deck houses.

(photo credit Titanic Honour and Glory, Scotland, UK)

http:// www.titanichonourandglory.com

Port side view of the Titanic wreck model

Here we can see the hull plates have been peeled back and shell plating has been blown off to reveal the interior of the Titanic’s stern section.On the deck we can see the remains of the second class entrance to the boat deck and where the second class elevator was located too. 12 more words

Into the deep abyss

As the stern section sank into the deep abyss sinking to a depth of 12,500 feet below the surface,the stern slammed into the bottom of the ocean like a stone,the decks crumpled and… 42 more words

The remains of reciprocating engines

Showing the Titanic’s port and starboard engines. In 1912, these engines were the largest ever built for any ocean liner and were a technological marvel. 12 more words

The destruction caused by the Titanic sinking

Note the hull plating peeled back,collapsed decks resting on the two reciprocating steam engines which were the largest ever built for any ocean liner at the time,which were as high as a four storey building. 12 more words

Broken apart between the third and fourth funnels

When Titanic sank,she broke apart between the third and fourth funnels,all the way down to her keel,the keel acted like a hinge holding the bow and stern together,however the bow already submerged with water was pulling as the bow faced a drop to the ocean floor of two and half miles (2,500 feet below the surface) the sheer weight tore theater bow away from the stern section. 12 more words