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A food culture roundup on National Frozen Food Day

Happy National Frozen Food Day! Here are a few recent reports from the world of food culture to ponder while you dig into that Marie Callender’s pie: 100 more words

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Jury Convicts Two Americans Of Selling Secret Oreo-Whitening Technique To China

Who knew that the reason the white cream filling in an Oreo is that particular shade is due to a trade secret that’s held so closely, two men could be sent to jail for more than 20 years for stealing it? 293 more words

A US jury just convicted two men for selling a secret Oreo-whitening technique to China

Two men in California are facing more than two decades in prison for stealing a recipe for making titanium dioxide (TiO2), a chemical used to whiten the cream in Oreo cookies, as well as numerous other uses in the manufacture of paper, plastic, and paint. 238 more words